Notice of intention to designate - 3480 Ninth Line

Thursday, July 13, 2023
On July 10, 2023 Oakville Town Council resolved to pass a Notice of Intention to Designate the following property under Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. O.18, as amended, as a property of cultural heritage value and interest:

Henry and Mary Post Farmhouse
3480 Ninth Line
Part Lot 6, Concession 1 Trafalgar North of Dundas Street, S & E PTS ON EXP. PL H857503 & PARTS 3,4,5 & 6 20R20343; Town of Oakville

Description of Property

The property at 3480 Ninth Line is located on the west side of Ninth Line just south of William Halton Parkway. The property contains the circa 1881 one-and-a-half storey brick Gothic Revival style farmhouse.

Statement of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest

Design and Physical Value

The Henry and Mary Post Farmhouse building has design and physical value as a representative example of a 19th century Gothic Revival style residential structure. Constructed around 1881, the farmhouse displays several elements of the Gothic Revival style, including: its steeply pitched roof, front gables, dichromatic brick cladding, buff-coloured brick quoins, round-headed windows, bay window, and its elaborate round-headed brick lintels topped by brick hood moulds.

Historical and Associative Value

The Henry and Mary Post Farmhouse property has historical value because of its direct associations with a number of early settler families, with the lost hamlet of Snider’s Corners, and with the agricultural development of Trafalgar Township. Owners of the property included members of the Post and Shain families, who were some of the area’s earliest settlers. Henry and Mary Post built the farmhouse and farmed the land for over 50 years. The property also has direct associations with the lost hamlet of Snider’s Corners, a community that played an instrumental part in the social development of the area. One of the area’s earliest schoolhouses was built on the original 100-acre lot containing the subject farmhouse. Snider’s Corners was centered around this schoolhouse and the nearby church. As an early farmstead, the property has direct associations with the early agricultural development of Trafalgar Township.

Contextual Value

The Henry and Mary Post Farmhouse property has contextual value as it remains physically, visually, and historically linked to its surroundings. The building is one of a few remaining historic farmhouse structures in the area and stands as a rare reminder of Snider’s Corners, the community that once grew and thrived here, and as a reminder of the rural settler history of Trafalgar Township.

Description of Heritage Attributes

Key attributes of the Henry and Mary Post Farmhouse at 3480 Ninth Line that exemplify its value as a representative example of a Gothic Revival style, L-shaped brick farmhouse include the following, as they relate to the one-and-a-half storey brick portion of the building:
  • The footprint and form, including its steep intersecting gable roofs, front bay window and overall form of the original front porch;
  • Dichromatic brick and buff cladding in stretcher bond pattern with corner quoins, headers and hood moulds over windows and doors, and decorative star patterns in gables;
  • Wood soffit and fascia; 
  • Historic fenestration of the windows and door on the north, east, south and west elevations;
  • Historic 2/2 wood windows, including wood window trim; 
  • Dressed stone sills; 
  • Historic front entrance including double set of wood doors, wood trim and transom window; and
  • Lakestone foundation above grade.
Any objection to this designation must be filed no later than August 14, 2023.  Objections should be directed to the Town Clerk, 1225 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, Ontario L6H 0H3.

Further information respecting this proposed designation is available from the Town of Oakville. Any inquiries may be directed to Carolyn Van Sligtenhorst, heritage planner at 905-845-6601, ext.3875 (TTY 905-338-4200), or by email at

The last date to file a notice of objection is August 14, 2023.