This procedure sets out parameters, criteria for decision making, restrictions, and direction, for the use of Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) event signs designated for use by the BIAs to promote events and initiatives that are of community interest or benefit located within the applicable BIA area. This includes events held by charitable or non-profit organizations. 


This procedure applies to BIA event signs that have been designated for use by the BIAs within the BIAs area boundaries.


1. Authority

The Director of Municipal Enforcement, or designate (‘Director’) will determine and authorize the location for each designated BIA event sign in each BIA area.

2. Event sign requirements

  1. Duration of message display period will be determined by the applicable BIA.
  2. BIA event signs must contain a generic message approved by the Director when an event or initiative is not occurring, so that the sign face is not blank.
  3. BIAs must ensure that event signs always contain the header print, as well as the main sign area print of either an event advertisement or the placeholder print.
  4. BIA event signs must comply with the applicable regulations of the town’s Sign By-law.

3. Criteria for sponsorship

  1. Event corporate sponsorship may be recognized on the BIA event sign in accordance with the BIA Event Signs Policy and this procedure.
  2. In accordance with the town’s Sign By-law, event corporate sponsorship may be recognized on the BIA event sign, but may not encompass more than 15% of the sign surface area.

4. Restrictions

  1. BIAs will not solicit, accept, or provide sponsorships from or to companies whose reputation could prove detrimental to the town’s public image.
  2. BIAs will not allow sponsorships either directly or through third party arrangements that:
    1. Promote consumption of alcohol, marijuana and addictive substances, at events or venues geared primarily to children;
    2. Promote the sale of tobacco;
    3. Promote pornography;
    4. Promote the support of or involvement in the production, distribution, and sale of weapons and other life-threatening products; or
    5. Present demeaning or derogatory portrayals of individuals or groups or contain any message that is likely to cause deep or widespread offence.
  3. BIAs will not promote events or initiatives that are false, misleading, or deceptive.
  4. BIAs will not use messaging that includes words like “stop” or “danger” or symbols which might reasonably mislead, confuse, or distract a driver.
  5. BIA event signs must only be used to promote BIA events and initiatives within the BIA area that are of community interest or benefit; this includes events held by charitable or non-profit organizations held within the BIA area.

5. Maintenance

  1. BIAs must ensure event signs are regularly maintained in a proper state of repair as to not become unsafe or unsightly.
  2. The Director may provide written notice to a BIA to repair an event sign that has become unsafe or unsightly. The Director may take measures to repair such a sign should the BIA fail to do so. Costs associated with any corrective measures undertaken by the town shall be subject to payment by the BIA to reimburse the town for these repairs.

6. Inspection and removal

The Director may perform random inspections of BIA event signs to ensure that messaging and maintenance of event signs meets requirements outlined in this procedure, and may require the removal of messaging that does not comply.


The Director of Municipal Enforcement Services, or designate, shall be responsible for the administration of this procedure.

The Executive Director of each BIA will ensure that their BIA event sign remains in the approved location and complies with the BIA Event Signs Policy and this procedure.

BIAs will ensure financial sustainability of programs and services provided by grants and sponsorships.


“BIA event sign” means a sign located in a BIA area designated for use by the BIAs or charitable or non-profit organizations, within the BIAs area boundaries.

“Director” means the Director of Municipal Enforcement Services or designate.

“Sponsorship” is a mutually beneficial arrangement between the BIA and an external party (individual, company, vendor, or organization) wherein a party contributes funds, goods or services to an event, project, program, service or corporate asset in return for recognition, or other promotional consideration.

Forms of Sponsorship:

•    Cash: a sponsorship received in the form of money.
•    In-kind: a sponsorship received in the form of goods or services of value to the town.