Policy statement

The Town of Oakville is responsible for encouraging compliance with the provisions of municipal by-laws, policies and other applicable legislation, in support of its Corporate vision through a combination of reactive and proactive enforcement methodologies designed to be responsive to the community’s needs and concerns.


Municipal by-laws, policies, and applicable legislation, contribute to the quality of life and health and wellness of the community. Municipal by-laws, policies, and legislation, are in place or enacted to protect the environment, ensure high standards of public health and safety, regulate parking, and maintain an orderly appearance for the town. Procedures are established to guide the administrative processes relating to compliance and enforcement.


Municipal by-laws, policies and applicable legislation, are administered by a number of town departments and other enforcement bodies. Compliance is sought through activities such as educating, responding to citizen concerns or complaints, conducting inspections, mediating, and where necessary, enforcement through the issuance of administrative penalties or prosecution.