Sunfield - 138 East Street

A 19-unit townhouse development in the Bronte Village area.

Project description

Sunfield Communities’ project in Bronte area consists of a 19-unit townhouse development serviced by an internal private roadway. 

Key details

  • Site plan approved on November 11, 2022
  • Road Permit was issued in July 2023 for East Street 
    • Sidewalk closed on west side, detour is on the east side of East Street
    • No road closures on Sovereign Street or East Street
  • Excavation began end of July 2023
  • Project scheduled to be completed in 2025

Questions or concerns

Businesses and residents are encouraged to reach out to the developer with any questions and concerns. If you require the contact details or if the developer is unable to help you, please contact ServiceOakville at who will ensure your request is forwarded to the appropriate department.

For concerns relating to parking, excessive noise, or construction dust, please submit a request through our Online Services 24 hours a day, days a week.