Reinders + Law Ltd. - 2500 to 2510 Hampshire Gate - 1401.069/01

Site Plan Application 
2500 to 2510 Hampshire Gate
File No: 1401.069/01


The proposed development is for a one-storey 535 square metre addition to an existing commercial development property, and it will be located between the current Value Village and St. Louis Bar & Grill. 

An additional 245 square metres of patio space for tenants is proposed, as an existing patio is being removed for the proposed one-way drive aisle for service vehicles along west property line. 

Reconfigure existing parking lot to accommodate the proposed addition and provide 98 parking space for a total of 164 parking spaces within the site, with seven total barrier free parking spaces (three existing and four proposed) and five new bicycle parking spaces are also provided.

Contact information

Brian O'Hare
905-845-6601, ext. 3857