About the program

Through our Memorial Tree Program, you can adopt a tree in memory of a loved one, to dedicate to a friend or family member, or to commemorate a special event.

The gift of a tree is a lasting tribute, and will benefit the community by enhancing our natural environment.

Town staff will provide the same care and maintenance other municipal trees receive from the town. 

How to order

Please visit the memorial tree map to select an available tree for adoption.

Memorial Tree map

After choosing your tree, please fill out the order form and record the tree’s I.D. number.

Memorial Tree order form


A non-refundable deposit of $282.50 is required. After the tree is planted or adopted and your plaque is installed, the town will invoice you for the remaining balance.

Five-year contract for tree adoption: $2,685 plus tax

The $2,685 initial payment covers the maintenance of your tree for the first five years, plus a personalized cast bronze plaque. 

The commemorative plaque, six inches by four inches in size, is set in granite and placed at the base of your memorial tree. The town will cover the cost of a one-time replacement if your plaque is stolen or vandalized. Placement of memorial wreaths, flowers or other items on or around the tree is not permitted.

Contract renewal (every five years): $659 plus tax (fee subject to change)

A $659 fee is charged every five years to cover the cost of regular tree care and maintenance. If you do not wish to renew your contract after five years or we are unable to contact you, the plaque will be removed and the tree will become available for adoption.

It is your responsibility to ensure town staff has your most current contact information.