Mayor Rob Burton

Rob Burton became Oakville's 45th mayor in 2006.

Mayor Burton's vision is to make and keep Oakville, a vibrant and livable community for all. He has focused on controlling growth to protect Oakville's stable established neighbourhoods by directing intensification to well planned growth nodes and corridors. He has kept debt and tax increases low, protected green space and the environment, and created innovative community facilities to meet the needs of the community.

Prior to running for public office, Mayor Burton capped a successful career as a businessman, director, and producer in journalism, film, and television by creating YTV. He holds a Master of Science degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

During his time in office, Mayor Burton has led creation of groundbreaking initiatives that protect the built and natural environment in Halton and Oakville, as well as the community's health, safety, and well being. These include the Oakville and Halton Natural Heritage Systems, the Town Energy Management Plan, the Health Protection Air Quality By-law, the land use official plans Livable Oakville and Sustainable Halton, as well as the Oakville Climate Change Adaptation Plan, the Urban Forest Strategic Management Plan, and the Community Safety and Well Being Plan.

Mayor Burton chairs the Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt. Environmental Defence Canada calls him the greenest mayor in Canada.

Mayor Burton is also a member of the Compact of Mayors. He created and chairs the Ontario Auto Mayors and the Canadian Nuclear Technology Mayors Association. He serves on the boards of Halton Healthcare Services, Halton Community Housing Corporation, and Oakville Municipal Development Corporation and Oakville Enterprises, both of which he created.

For ten years, he served as Chair of Halton Region's Police Services Board and was a director of the Downtown Oakville BIA.

He is an avid supporter of local sports, arts, and charitable organizations across Oakville, with special dedication to causes promoting protection of women and children and diversity, equity, and inclusion.