#OurOakville Podcast explores sense of community and belonging

Friday, June 25, 2021

The Town of Oakville is launching the #OurOakville Podcast, a series of recorded conversations hosted by Oakville’s community development specialists, in support of various public awareness campaigns recognized in June.  

As part of this five episode series, Nabeel Rahman and Daniel Ridsdale have engaged with unique guests to discuss the importance of belonging in Oakville. Episodes feature topics related to Pride Month, Seniors Month, and Indigenous History Month and are centred around a sense of belonging in the community one calls home.

“We’re excited to promote these conversations to share stories and educate residents on how we can work together to ensure Oakville is a safe and welcoming place to call home for everyone,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “Through learning, understanding, and acceptance, Oakville will continue to be Canada’s most livable town.”

Although reflections and experiences shared are applicable across Canada, each conversation approaches belonging through the lens of different community members. Both video and audio versions of the #OurOakville podcast can be found on the Town of Oakville’s website under Virtual Programs. Conversations include:

Hosts Ridsdale and Rahman introduce the podcast, its mission, and the importance of building a sense of belonging for all ages and abilities. Together, they reflect on the value of building community capacity.

The podcast welcomes Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Traditional Knowledge and Land Use Coordinator Darin Wybenga. Wybenga brings his wisdom and knowledge of history and offers context and understanding to the land we now call Oakville.   

To encourage dialogue, and foster relationships, trust, and understanding, the podcast invites local Indigenous community member Angela Bellegarde to share her experience of belonging in Oakville. Julian Kingston, supervisor of the Oakville Museum, joins the conversation to share how our community museum can improve the stories we share.  

The podcast welcomes Matthew and Phi from the Positive Space Network, and Marcus Logan from the Oakville Public Library to discuss the significance of Pride Month and the importance of community inclusion for members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. The Positive Space Network builds community and creates safer spaces for LGBTQ2S+ youth ages 6-24 in Halton through youth-focused programming, mental health support and community partnerships.

The podcast welcomes Heather Thompson, manager of Age-Friendly Halton, and Ruth Sheridan, a resident, and senior volunteer. Heather and Ruth share their personal insights on how residents can reduce isolation and loneliness, and ways to ensure that older adults are valued throughout the community.

The town is committed to initiatives that embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. For more information, to share feedback, or to suggest future episode themes, please email affordableaccess@oakville.ca.

To learn more about the town’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, including the 2021 Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, visit our Accessibility and Inclusion page.