Downtown Cultural Hub Update

Friday, September 23, 2022

Town Council took the next step toward making the Downtown Cultural Hub (DCH) a reality.

Following receipt of the Downtown Cultural Hub Work Plan Update 2022 staff report Council directed staff to begin capital planning in 2023 and to plan for cultural facilities distributed throughout the downtown area. The key components of the DCH include a new library, gallery and performing arts centre as well as major open space areas including a Navy Street Plaza and a new Riverfront Park.

The DCH will follow a dispersed model which offers a better opportunity to attract residential and commercial opportunities by spreading the benefit of this substantial investment throughout the downtown area. A dispersed model is also beneficial as a tool to help manage the staging of construction across a broader area, minimizing construction disruption to the greatest extent possible.

Pending budget approval, capital planning will establish the staging, content and location of the facilities in the DCH Master Plan.

A detailed parking needs study will also be required at an early stage to determine future parking needs and how to effectively use municipally owned parking facilities.

The Downtown Plan, launched in December 2013 and is comprised of the Downtown Cultural Hub Study (DCH), and the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study (DTS). The DTS Master Plan resulted in the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape Project (completed in 2020), and the Two-way Traffic Conversion Project (completed in 2019).

“Downtown Oakville is an important cultural, economic, and historical focal point for our community and this Council is committed to ensuring its long-term success. Over the years we have moved forward on revitalizing our downtown streetscape while preserving the heritage of our historic downtown. Residents can also look forward to greater public access to the riverfront and more open space areas and cultural facilities.”

Mayor Rob Burton

For more information, read the Downtown Cultural Hub Work Plan Update 2022 staff report on