Town Council receives 2024 Budget forecast and set to begin public consultation this summer

Friday, July 28, 2023
Oakville’s Budget Committee held its inaugural meeting on July 19 to discuss the process, preparation and preliminary forecast for the 2024 Budget. Ward 1 Town and Regional Councillor Sean O’Meara was appointed as Chair and Ward 5 Town Councillor Marc Grant as Vice Chair of the 2024 Budget Committee. 

Staff presented a preliminary forecast of the overall 2024 tax bill increase based on projections identified in the 2023 budget and additional budget pressures to be considered over the coming months. Currently, the forecasted overall tax bill increase is 4.50 per cent, which will be further evaluated as staff refine their submissions for operating and capital budgets.

As a result of Bill 3, Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022, the town’s budget process and timeline have changed from previous years. More details are available on the Budget Process page. 

Seven sub-committees have been set up to represent each ward and lead the public engagement in their local community. The sub-committee will comprise of the Mayor, Budget Chair, and both councillors for that ward. 

Key dates 

  • July 20 to September 15: Budget Sub-committees to conduct pre-budget, ward-centric public engagement 
  • September 6: Budget Committee receives staff reports that may have a budget impact
  • September 19: Budget Committee receives feedback from sub-committees on public consultation
  • October 17 and 19: Draft Operating and Capital budgets presented by staff based on Mayor’s direction
  • October 20 to November 1: Budget Committee to consult with residents on draft budgets
  • October 31 (morning) and November 1 (evening): Public delegations on draft budget 
  • November 2: Budget Committee makes recommendations to Mayor
  • November 20: Mayor to provide proposed 2024 Budget, including rates and fees, to Council and public
  • November 28: Public delegations on Mayor’s proposed budget  
  • December 20: Special Council Meeting to consider approval of the 2024 Budget 


"This year's budget schedule means the opportunities for Council to make suggestions are greater than they've ever been. The public also has the chance to provide input earlier and more often than before. I'm looking forward to the best budget process we have ever had."

- Mayor Rob Burton

“Under the new budget process there will be many opportunities, including multiple ward-centric public engagements to inform the 2024 Budget. Council and staff will consider all options to maintain a vibrant Oakville while balancing evolving economic conditions.”

- Town and Regional Councillor Sean O’Meara, 2024 Budget Committee Chair

“Residents, friends and families truly embrace the high-quality level of services and programs we build upon, year after year. Throughout the 2024 Budget Committee process we’re going to go deep into our communities to determine the best priorities for Oakville’s future; to protect what we love and to make changes where we can do better.” 

- Town Councillor Marc Grant, 2024 Budget Committee Vice Chair