Oakville enhances Bronte Lakeshore area in time for summer visits

Thursday, June 13, 2024

With spectacular waterfront views, vibrant shopping and dining attractions, Bronte Village is about to get even more exciting! Recent substantial improvements to town infrastructure help enhance traffic safety, accessibility, and the waterfront experience for residents, businesses and visitors. 

Town-led upgrades in Bronte include:

  • New pedestrian signal has been installed at Bronte Road/Ontario Street intersection  
  • All-way stop and accessible parking pedestrian cross points have been installed at East Street/Ontario Street intersection  
  • Ontario Street parking lot repaving near Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park is nearing completion
  • Bronte Fisherman’s Wharf rehabilitation includes widening the north section of boardwalk along Fisherman’s Park

Starting this month, the town will begin public consultation to improve the streetscape of the main shopping area of Bronte Village. Shaped by public input all summer and early fall, staff will bring recommendations to Council in early 2025. Visit the Bronte Village Streetscape Study page for more information. 

Navigating construction and parking

A number of private developments are also under construction in the Bronte area, with details available on the Bronte Area Construction Activities page. As a result, many parking spots on Lakeshore Road are temporarily blocked off for the safe passage of construction workers, vehicles, and equipment. 

The town is working closely with developers to plan ahead for parking alternatives, regularly patrolling the area for effective parking enforcement, and ensuring that accessible parking spots are not impacted. 

Residents and visitors are advised to follow these steps when visiting the area: 

  • Alternative parking locations: If parking near Lakeshore Road and the waterfront is full, you can find paid parking a short 10-15 minute walk, within a six-block area. 
  • Free on-street parking: There is free on-street parking available in the nearby streets such as Marine Drive east of Jones Street or on Sovereign Road, between Bronte Road and Jones Street. Please be mindful that this is a residential area, so follow the parking time limits which is usually a two to three hour maximum. Drive carefully, keeping an eye out for children, cyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Alternative transportation: If you live nearby, consider walking, biking, or taking Oakville Transit to reach the area.
  • Avoid shopping plaza parking: Please do not park in the shopping plazas unless you are visiting a store there. These plazas are privately owned, and unauthorized vehicles may be fined or towed.

There’s lots to do in Bronte. Visit the Bronte BIA website to make the most of your experience this summer. 


“The Bronte Lakeshore area is a popular destination all year round, and we appreciate the community’s patience and cooperation as the town carried out recent upgrades to improve its vibrancy. With more people visiting the area this summer, we encourage everyone to park safely and, if possible, explore the area by walking, biking, or using public transit.” 

- Mayor Rob Burton