Successful patio dining pilot program becomes permanent in Oakville from May 1, 2024

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

After over a decade of permitting patio and bistro dining on a case-by-case basis in Oakville, the town is excited to announce a big step forward in supporting local businesses. Starting May 1, 2024, the Seasonal Commercial Patio Program will become a permanent initiative, adding to Oakville’s vibrancy. 

Under this new program, the patio dining season will run annually from May 1 to November 1. All patios and outdoor merchandising displays located on municipal property are required to have a valid permit from the town before installation.

To allow for the comprehensive and coordinated planning of on-street parking spaces for patio use in the upcoming 2024 season, the town is introducing an early application window for on-street patios. From February 26 to March 22, applications can be submitted for those applicants looking to use an on-street parking space. Applications for other patio types (i.e., those not requiring on-street parking conversions) will be accepted from March 22.

Since 2020, both patio permit and on-street patio parking fees were waived as part of the COVID-19 Commercial Recovery Initiative. In 2024, the town is re-instating patio permit fees at a partially subsidized rate, keeping the program financially viable for participants and the town. 

As part of the patio program, the town will implement signage and new temporary traffic calming/road safety measures near the patio area. These new measures are intended to improve the overall experience and safety for both drivers and diners. 

In 2023, the town held public consultation with restaurant operators, their patrons and staff, and other business organizations. All input collected helped shape the permanent patio program. 

For more information on patio configurations, application process, and fees, please visit the Patio Permit page.  


“We are proud to continue to support our local businesses by creating a permanent patio dining program. The program has created many opportunities for our BIA areas and brought vibrancy to our commercial districts. We can all look forward to the upcoming patio season for 2024 and beyond.”

- Mayor Rob Burton