Patio Permit

How to submit a commercial patio permit application.

Commercial patio program

Patio season: May 1 to November 1, 2023

We are now accepting patio permit applications!

Outdoor dining opportunities greatly contribute to the livability of our community and add vibrancy to our commercial districts. As part of the program, Council has waived fees for the 2023 patio season.

Program overview

  • Time frame: Temporary patios, bistros and outdoor displays can operate from May 1 to November 1, 2023.
  • Locations: With a town permit, patios, bistros and displays can be temporarily installed on town-owned lands and on private commercial properties. For patios located in on-street parking spaces, please see details below about required platforms/decking and safety barriers.
  • Permit: All patios, bistros and outdoor displays must have a valid Town of Oakville permit/agreement prior to installation and operation (application form and information available below).

How to apply

New and returning program participants can apply for a 2023 patio permit by submitting the following materials to with your business name and address in the email subject line:

  1. Patio application forms:
  2. Certificate of General Liability Insurance:
    • Provide a copy of commercial general liability insurance coverage in the minimum amount of $2 million ($2,000,000.00) and naming the Town of Oakville as an additional insured.  
    • Insurance must be non-cancellable by the insurance company without reasonable written notice to the town.
    • The coverage must be valid throughout the 2023 commercial patio season.
  3. Plan of proposed patio, bistro or outdoor display area:
    • Submit a plan drawing or marked-up photograph of the proposed area for the patio, bistro or outdoor display.
    • Include dimensions of the proposed area and dimensions to nearby building(s), light standard, street furniture, curb, etc.
    • If a past patio program participant, include photos of previous installation(s) if there are no proposed changes to your 2023 request.

Processing the application

Once received, Oakville’s patio team will review the submission and begin processing the application. This includes:

  1. Staff will send a confirmation email that the request has been received and will identify if there is incomplete information or if additional materials are required to start the process.
    • For new requests, staff will require and arrange an on-site visit to discuss the proposal and make any necessary modifications in consultation with the applicant.  
  2. Staff will prepare an encroachment (town land) or use (private land) agreement, that will be emailed to the applicant to review and have signed by the applicant/business operator and the property owner.
    • If the property owner is unable to sign the agreement, the applicant can submit a letter/email from the owner granting their permission to make the application and acknowledging the ‘Operating Conditions’ outlined in the agreement.
  3. The signed agreement must be emailed back to staff, along with the required permit fee.
  4. Staff will execute the agreement and email the final copy to the applicant and property owner.

The executed agreement is the 2023 permit.

With a 2023 permit in hand, program participants can begin installing their temporary patios April 27 at the earliest.

Patios in on-street parking spaces shall include the following:

  • Safety barriers: installed at either end of the patio between the decking and the abutting parking space. In 2023, the barriers will be supplied by the Town and installation must occur before or concurrent with the installation of the platform/decking.
  • Platforms/decking: to create a flush condition with the boulevard for accessibility. Platforms remain the responsibility of the patio operator to provide to the satisfaction of the town.

Important notes

The town will communicate and coordinate during the permitting process. While town permits will be issued for the use of the space, applicants must comply with provincial and regional directives and regulations, including:

  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) – Note: if you have received approval through the Town of Oakville for a temporary outdoor patio, you are required to notify the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario prior to selling and serving alcohol on your patio.
  • Ontario Building Code (OBC) for structures and tents for shade and weather protection. Discuss plans with patio staff prior to any installation. Please note that certain tents/structures may require a separate review process and building permit.
  • Region of Halton Public Health learn more about requirements when supplying food.


Please reach out to the patio team by email for guidance and support.