Electronic Permits and Applications

How to submit your permit or application electronically on oakville.ca.

Before you start your electronic submission

  1. Prepare your submission following the submission standards for your project to help us process the application faster. Please use the applicable pdf forms applicable to your project and include the fee breakdown.
  2. Review the requirements for your project.
  3. Check the Province of Ontario's Citizen's Guides to Land Use Planning online publications to learn more about planning and development processes in Ontario municipalities.

To submit application forms online

  1. Prepare all your files according to the application guidelines.
  2. Save files in individual Vector PDF format, unprotected, black and white, single layer and free of comments.
  3. If including scanned documents, resolution of 1-bit black-and-white 300 dpi is usually acceptable. For plans and drawings with fine lines and detail, 600 dpi resolution is required. Full-colour renderings and photos may be submitted, but only as supplements to a sufficient set of plans. Please note that we can accommodate large file submissions. If your complete application is too big to send by email (max 20MB), staff will make arrangements with you to submit large files through an electronic file transfer.
  4. Don’t forget to complete and sign the application form! Electronic signatures are accepted.
  5. Name and organize your digital copies according to the list of naming conventions (pdf) outlined for the area to which you are sending your application.

Send us your application