Ward 6 - Assumption of Subdivisions

Information for homeowners in new subdivisions in Ward 6.

Subdivisions listed on this page have either recently been assumed or are yet to be assumed. 

Pending or U/C are subdivisions in one the following stages:

  • Pending — top course asphalt has not been applied and the assumption is at least 12 months away.
  • U/C — the subdivision is under construction and assumption is several years away.

The registered plan number links to a PDF of the registered plan and identifies the developer and phase of development.

  • There are currently no pending or U/C subdivisions in Ward 6.

Scheduled or eligible subdivisions are in one the following stages:

  • Scheduled (with a date) — the agenda for that meeting includes the assumption by-law.
  • Tentative schedule (with a date) — most of the inspections and documentation have been submitted and all efforts are being made to place the assumption on the tentative date indicated.
  • Assumption requested or eligible — the assumption process has started and assumption should be complete within 12 months.

A scheduled assumption listing with a date is linked to a PDF of the staff report presented to Council about the assumption.

  • 20M-989 - Tentative Schedule - 2018
  • 20M-996 - Tentative Schedule - 2018 

By-law numbers listed beside registered plan numbers link to PDFs of assumption by-laws for those plans. 

  • 20M-912 - By-law 2011-126
  • 20M-975 - By-law 2011-007
  • 20M-976 - By-law 2011-122
  • 20M-980 - By-law 2010-006
  • 20M-981 - By-law 2011-040
  • 20M-998 - By-law 2012-105
  • 20M-966 - By-law 2016-008
  • 20M-992 - By-law 2018-025
  • 20M-997 - By-law 2018-002