Rental Housing Protection By-law

Protecting the town’s existing rental and affordable housing supply.

Protection of the existing rental and affordable housing supply is an important component of the town’s Housing Strategy and Action Plan. On July 10, 2023, Council passed Rental Housing Protection By-law 2023-102 .

The by-law was approved under the authority of Section 99.1 of the Municipal Act, 2001 which provides municipalities with the authority to prohibit and regulate the demolition and conversion of residential rental properties. 

Projects impacted by the by-law

The demolition or conversion of a residential rental property with six or more dwelling units, of which at least one is a rental, requires a Section 99.1 permit.

What you can do

As part of the required pre-consultation application for a new development, the Rental Demolition and Conversion Declaration form (pdf) must be completed to determine if a Section 99.1 permit is required. 

If a Section 99.1 permit is required: 

  • Contact to determine submission requirements and complete the Rental Demolition and Conversion Application (pdf).
  • Section 99.1 permits may be granted subject to conditions such as a requirement to replace existing rental units; and an enhanced tenant assistance package beyond that required by the Residential Tenancies Act 2006.

Rental housing protection guidelines

Guidelines are being developed to implement the Rental Housing Protection By-law, to outline how the by-law will be implemented and assist applicants with Section 99.1 permits. 

Guidelines will be posted to the webpage as part of the public consultation.