Neighbourhood Information Map

Understanding the requirements for Neighbourhood Information Maps. 

All residential subdivision sales offices are required to display a full-size Neighbourhood Information Map and accompanying notes, as approved by the Town of Oakville, in a prominent location. This map has to provide specific information to prospective home buyers about the new subdivision and surrounding neighbourhoods.

The Neighbourhood Information Map is to be prepared by the developer or its agents and must be submitted to the Planning Department for approval. The town will not issue draft approval of the plan of subdivision until the Director of Planning has signed the Neighbourhood Information Map.

If the approved information map is not displayed to the satisfaction of the town at any time while a sales office is open to the public, the town will take corrective action.

Home builders are also required to provide prospective home buyers with a reduced size of the approved Neighbourhood Information Map and the accompanying 'Notice to New Home Purchasers' as part of any purchase and sale agreement.

The developer shall be responsible for distributing the approved maps and the notice to their respective home builders and ensure that this information is presented in each sales office.

The approval process

Approval of the Neighbourhood Information Map is a three-step process:

  1. Preliminary Neighbourhood Information Map
    • This map will be based on the draft plan of subdivision. It is to be completed before draft plan approval of the plan of subdivision.
  2. Final Neighbourhood Information Map
    • This map will be based on the final plan of subdivision. It is to be completed before registration of the subdivision.
  3. Purchase and sale agreement map attachment
    • This map is a reduced version of the final Neighbourhood Information Map. It is required to form part of every purchase and sale agreement for new homes in the subdivision.

Detailed requirements and sample map