Housing Strategy and Action Plan

A strategy to guide decision making and take action to promote housing supply, accelerate housing delivery and improve housing affordability and variety in Oakville.

Town Council received the draft Housing Strategy and Action Plan at the Planning and Development Council Meeting on July 10, 2023. 

Watch the presentation to Planning and Development Council:

The Housing Strategy and Action Plan will become the town’s guiding document to improve the housing landscape in Oakville. It is structured around six goals and objectives intended to achieve positive housing outcomes. The strategy includes nearly 70 actions that the town can take over the coming years to improve its policies, regulations, and programs, and strengthen its partnerships with upper levels of government, agency partners and the development industry in the effort to deliver the housing Oakville needs.

The Housing Strategy and Action Plan provides an extension to the mission statement and guiding principles found in the town’s Official Plan, Livable Oakville

Review the draft Housing Strategy and Action Plan.

The draft Housing Strategy is structured on six goals and objectives that will guide decision making regarding housing and establish a path toward positive housing outcomes:

Goal 1: Support growth management and increase the housing supply

  • Objective: Identify, encourage, and enable housing opportunities within the town’s urban structure, which functions as the foundation for growth management in Oakville.

Goal 2: Improve housing affordability, housing options and housing choice

  • Objective: Enable a greater diversity of housing types in more places throughout the town, where appropriate, focusing on housing types, sizes and tenures that are in short supply and housing that improves affordability.

Goal 3: Streamline approvals

  • Objective: Create new and enhanced processes that improve the efficiency of the development approvals process and the timely delivery of housing.

Goal 4: Make housing feasible

  • Objective: Ensure the delivery of infrastructure and community service facilities are coordinated, appropriately funded and implemented in alignment with growth to enable the delivery of housing and complete communities.

Goal 5: Engage, raise awareness, build capacity

  • Objective: Engage town staff, agency partners and the public to raise awareness and build the community capacity necessary to support the construction of a wide range of housing types that are needed throughout Oakville.

Goal 6: Collaborate

  • Objective: Work with agency partners and other levels of government to achieve the goal of creating more housing, while ensuring growth is contextually appropriate and fiscally responsible.

By implementing the nearly 70 actions identified in the draft Housing Strategy and Action Plan, the strategy is intended to achieve five key positive housing outcomes:

  1. Increased housing supply – more homes built. 
  2. Improved affordability – more homes people can afford. 
  3. Enhanced housing choice – more types of homes people need. 
  4. Accelerated housing delivery – more homes faster. 
  5. Development of complete communities – a place to call home with the services people need. 


Brad Sunderland MCIP, RPP
Senior Planner
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