Heritage Grant Program

A  program to assist owners of heritage properties with covering the cost of eligible conservation work.

The 2024 Heritage Grant Program is closed

Check back in January 2025 for information regarding the 2025 Heritage Grant Program.

About the Heritage Grant Program

The Heritage Grant Program is a Council-approved program with up to $120,000 in total funding available each year. The program makes funds available to owners of heritage properties to cover up to half of the cost of eligible conservation work to a maximum of $15,000. The heritage grant must be matched by a contribution from the property owner.

Who can apply

The program provides funding for properties designated under Part IV or Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. Properties that are listed in Section F – Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest (Not Designated) are not eligible.

Heritage resources owned or used by any level of government are not eligible except where a non-profit community group has assumed, by long-term lease or legal agreement, responsibility for maintenance of the building. In these cases, such organizations may make an application for the grant as the agent for the owner with a letter of consent from the owner.

Eligibility requirements

Eligible projects include any conservation work which directly and appropriately preserves, restores and/or enhances specific heritage attributes. All work must be executed in such a manner as to not detract from or diminish the cultural heritage value of the property or district. Work within the town’s heritage conservation districts must always be consistent with the applicable heritage conservation district plan.

Ineligible projects include works that focus on non-heritage attributes, additions, spaces, features and finishes, or any works that might diminish the cultural heritage value of the property.

Project evaluation

Heritage Planning staff work with the Heritage Oakville Advisory Committee to evaluate and process the grant applications. Not all eligible projects may receive funding. All projects are subject to final approval by Town Council.

When and how to apply

Owners of designated heritage properties will receive notification in the mail mid-January. Applications will be available from Heritage Planning staff following an informal pre-consultation with staff to confirm your project's eligibility. Pre-consultation meetings can be arranged by contacting one of the staff members below.

For more information

Visit the Heritage Grant Program Procedure page for more details or follow up with Heritage Planning staff.

Contact a Heritage Planner

Susan Schappert, CAHP, MCIP, RPP
Heritage Planner, District East/West
Planning Services
Town of Oakville
905-845-6601, ext.3870

Carolyn Van Sligtenhorst, CAHP, MCIP, RPP
Supervisor, Heritage Conservation
Planning Services
Town of Oakville
905-845-6601 ext. 3875