Halton Region Integrated Growth Management Strategy

Halton's growth scenarios of where people and jobs should go within the Region.

Ontario is growing and the provincial government has directed Halton Region to plan for one million people and 470,000 jobs by 2041.

Halton Region — which includes Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills — is currently determining where those people and jobs should go. A portion of these people and jobs will come to Oakville.

Halton Region has created a number of different growth scenarios of where people and jobs should go within the Region as part of its IGMS.

Oakville's contributions to IGMS

At the December 2, 2019 Planning and Development Council, planning staff presented the results of Oakville's community engagement on the evaluation criteria for the Halton IGMS growth scenarios. 

Town Council voted to endorse and submit the staff report to Halton Regional Council as an indication of what evaluation criteria and weighting of the evaluation criteria for the growth scenarios best suit the planning needs of the Town of Oakville.

Results from the Community Engagement to determine Oakville's weighting of the Evaluation Framework for the Growth Scenarios: Planning and Development Council Meeting Agenda from December 2, 2019.

At the Planning and Development Council meeting on September 9, 2019, Town Council directed planning staff to engage Oakville residents in order to collect feedback about evaluation criteria, and what weighting of the evaluation criteria, for the proposed growth scenarios being created for the Halton IGMS best suit the needs of Oakville.

Planning staff hosted four public ward meetings at the request of ward councillors in September and October 2019.  In total, 45 people attended one of the public meetings.

An online questionnaire was also hosted on the town's website from September 23 to October 18 in order gather direct input on the evaluation criteria being proposed by Halton Region. The online questionnaire was structured to mimic the template provided by Halton Region (review see IGMS Evaluation Framework Review Package). A total of 36 people responded to the online questionnaire.

Ward Meetings

Presentation slides were shared at four public meetings:

  • Ward 2 — Tuesday, September 24
  • Ward 1 — Thursday, September 26
  • Ward 3 — Tuesday, October 1
  • Wards 4, 5, 6, and 7 — Wednesday, October 2

IGMS Evaluation Framework Review Package

The IGMS Evaluation Framework Review Package (pdf) contains the evaluation criteria template provided by Halton Region to assist local municipalities in figuring out which criteria are important to Oakville and how much importance should be given to each criteria. This template was used to create the online survey and provide the results of the engagement process to Council.

Policy References for the IGMS Evaluation Framework

Page six of the evaluation framework review package provides direct references to the provincial and regional policies and policy directions that led to the creation of each evaluation criterion.

On June 19, 2019, Halton Regional Council considered two key reports related to the Regional Official Plan Review (ROPR): 

  • Report No. LPS41-19 (“Regional Official Plan Review - Progress Update on the Integrated Growth Management Strategy and Preliminary Growth Scenarios”)
  • Report No. LPS45-19/PW-18-19 (“Defining Major Transit Requirements in Halton”).

At that meeting, Regional Council unanimously voted to defer the report so that input from each local municipality could be received regarding the evaluation criteria. The motion was as follows:

That Regional Council defer Report No. LPS41-19 until the Local Municipal Councils can recommend to Regional Council for each local municipality, in concert with Report No. LPS45- 19/PW-18-19 Item No. 2, what evaluation criteria and weighting of the evaluation criteria best suit the planning needs of each Local Municipality.