Site Design and Development Standards

A set of standards and directions to achieve the best site development and functionality.

Livable by Design Manual - Part C

The Livable by Design Manual (Part C) – Site Design and Development Standards for Oakville (pdf), endorsed by Council March 20, 2017, establishes a benchmark by which development proposals will be reviewed in order to achieve a consistent level of quality built environments throughout the town.

This document communicates the town's expectations through text and images outlining detailed standards and technical direction to achieve the best possible site development and functionality. The direction provided in the document will be used through Site Plan Control, but may also be referenced in the consideration of other planning applications. The direction is focused under broad headings of soft landscape, hardscape and service facilities standards. In addition, for certain proposals, direction is provided for off-site works related to streetscape enhancement or boulevard remediation.

The Site Design and Development Standards for Oakville Manual is intended to be a dynamic resource that will be updated as policies and regulations are modified, as standards improve and as new resources and companion materials are created. Each update will be identified through date and document version on the title page and each page footer.