Non-residential Demolition

A guide to preparing your non-residential (including commercial) demolition permit application.

A demolition permit allows you to remove all or part of a building. The demolition of certain building types, like silos and barns, and non-load bearing interior partitions do not require a demolition permit.

Emergency services training

Interested in letting your vacant building be used for emergency services training?

Contact Halton Regional Police at and Oakville Fire Department at

Project preparation

Detailed information is required to properly evaluate your plans and the unique conditions of your property or unit.

Pre-requisite permits

Additional permits or precautions may be required if additional work is being proposed for the property. If you plan to construct after the demolition, you will need to apply for a separate building permit.

Pre-permit approvals

The demolition of a building should not begin before approval has been received from the following:

Pre-permit clearances must be obtained in advance of applying for a demolition permit. These clearances form part of the demolition permit application. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the utility providers to sign off on clearances as additional infrastructure or underground work may be required. Please be aware the utility companies may require the building to be vacated or services disconnected prior to providing a signed clearance. 

Oakville Hydro 

Contact or 905-825-9400 to schedule removal of hydro meter. 

Enbridge Gas 

Call 1-877-362-7434 to schedule gas service disconnection. 

Note: This must be requested by the property owner. 

Region of Halton Public Works 

Contact or 905-825-6000 to schedule disconnect for water service and sanitary sewers. 

Heritage properties are managed to conserve important cultural heritage attributes. If your property is on the town's heritage register it may require heritage approval. Learn more on our Heritage Planning page or contact a town Heritage Planner for assistance at 905-845-6601 ext. 3870 or 3875.

Trees on your property, your neighbour's property and on the municipal right of way may require tree protection, particularly when heavy equipment and excavation is involved. In certain instances, a separate private tree removal permit may be required. Find a licensed arborist

For assistance contact ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601 or email

Contact Transportation and Engineering Road Corridors to determine if there are easements or if you require a municipal address change. Learn more on our Development Engineering Permits page or contact or 905-845-6601.

Other considerations

If you are redeveloping your property after demolition, you may be eligible for a development charge credit. The credit is based on the number and type of residential units demolished and/or the total floor area and type of non-residential building or structures demolished, and is available for five years from the issuance date of the demolition permit. This credit, if eligible, is applied against development charges related to the new development. To learn more, please contact or visit our Development Charges page.

Demolition activities may be eligible  for a reduction in property tax assessment under Section 357 of the Municipal Act which provides municipalities with the authority to cancel, reduce  or refund taxes based on specific criteria.

If you think you are eligible to apply for a property tax adjustment please complete the Application for Cancellation/ Reduction/Refund of Taxes under Section 357 form (pdf) and send to

Deadline for submission is the last day of February, the year following the issuance of a demolition permit. A $20.00 fee will apply. Learn more about property tax assessments