Oakville Centre for Performing Arts Occupancy and Usage Procedure

Purpose statement

The purpose of this procedure is to establish the process for use of the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts (OCPA) facility and resources.


This policy applies to all rental clients (licensees) and members of the OCPA audience.


Use of the OCPA's facility or resources requires an occupancy permit and a licence agreement which shall be in accordance with the applicable OCPA procedures and guidelines and to the satisfaction of the theatre manager.

Theatre booking

  1. All applicants who wish to rent the theatre must complete the Application for Occupancy Permit form, attached as appendix A to this procedure.
  2. All applications must be accompanied by a booking deposit in accordance with the current fee schedule.
  3. A licence agreement shall be obtained prior to the rental of the OCPA.
  4. All performances and uses of the OCPA must comply with the OCPA operating practices, procedures and, where applicable, the terms of the licence agreement.

Rental subsidies

Not for profit (NFP) agencies or charities operating inside or outside of Oakville may be eligible for a fee subsidy in accordance with the current fee schedule. The following conditions must be met:

  1. The event must benefit a non profit or charitable agency.
  2. Public disclosure or proof that proceeds will benefit a non profit or charitable agency must be demonstrated.
  3. The organization must provide a letter of Incorporation or charitable registration number.
  4. Tickets and lobby displays must show the non profit or charitable agency name.
  5. Settlements from the town will be 100% issued to charity or NFP.
  6. The final decision of client’s status rests with Oakville Centre/Town of Oakville.

Commercial enterprises which rent the OCPA in order to raise funds for non-profit groups or organizations may also be eligible for a fee subsidy, provided that the non-profit status can be clearly demonstrated.  The monies raised by this event will be mailed directly to the non-profit group/organization by the OCPA after all expenses and costs are settled with the theatre.

Rental subsidies will be approved by the Theatre Manager and if needed one member of senior Recreation and Culture staff and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Businesses operating for profit inside Oakville qualify for a reduced rate in accordance with the current fee schedule. The client must provide proof that it operates inside of Oakville.

Requests for fee waivers will be referred to the Recreation & Culture department in accordance with the fee waiver policy currently in effect.

Controversial productions

The OCPA respects the rights of its rental clients to stage and market their productions without censorship or restrictions provided all municipal by-laws, provincial and federal statutes are adhered to.  Where a production may be considered controversial:

  1. All rental clients must place appropriate warning notices in any brochures or advertisements.
  2. All rental clients must provide the OCPA with a detailed description and synopsis of all productions so that patrons can be properly informed.
  3. Notices must be posted in the lobby when productions contain nudity, violence, or coarse language, or when the subject matter may be considered sensitive.

Electronic community message board (ECMB) requests

Events taking place at the OCPA, Oakville Libraries, Oakville Galleries, Centennial Pool, Museums and Oakville Arts Council events are eligible for display on the Electronic Community Message Board (ECMB) at no cost and will take priority over other events. Oakville not for profit groups may also purchase two weeks of display time in accordance with the current fee schedule and may renew for an additional two week period.

Outlet sales

The OCPA box office offers its ticketing services for events taking place at other venues in accordance with the current fee schedule.  All parties who wish to use this service must complete the Box Office Outlet Sales Agreement, available online at www.oakvillecentre.ca.

Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts: Audiences

The OCPA audiences are provided with a list of etiquette guidelines entitled House Notes.  The House Notes are mailed with ticket orders, posted in the lobby and performance programmes and OCPA website and announced at the start of each performance.

Oakville first

The theatre will give preference to bookings from groups within the municipality, including those groups who continue to apply for space and cannot be accommodated. These groups must pay the prevailing rate, and will be given preference over out of town organizations.

Applications or renewals from groups outside the municipality will not be confirmed until all applications from within the municipality have been considered.

Fee schedule

The current fee schedule is available at the OCPA or online at www.oakvillecentre.ca.


Settlements: at the end of each rental period all expenses, deposits and box office revenues are reconciled.  The process and documentation produced is referred to as the settlement.  The settlement will either generate an invoice (where the rental client’s expenses exceed the revenues) or a cheque (where the rental client’s revenues exceed the expenses).


Town of Oakville, OCPA employees:

  • Assisting the client to complete and deliver to the OCPA all required documents prior to the event taking place.
  • Facilitating the adherence to OCPA operating procedures by clients and audience.

OCPA Clients:

  • Ensuring all required documents are completed and delivered and all required fees are paid to the OCPA prior to the event taking place.
  • Adhering to OCPA operating procedures and any relevant agreements.

OCPA Audiences:

  • Observing the guidelines set out in the House notes.


Appendix A – Application for Occupancy Permit
Appendix B – Licence Agreement
Appendix C – Electronic Sign Request
Appendix D – Box Office Outlet Sales Agreement
Ontario Performing Arts Presenting Network Standards and Best Practices
Safety Guidelines for the Live Performance Industry in Ontario, Ministry of Labour
Cultural Human Resources Council Chart of Competencies for the Performing Arts
Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
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