In response to COVID-19

Motorists no longer have to pay for parking in in the Oakville Business Improvement Areas.

The Town of Oakville is waiving downtown parking fees until further notice in order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. This applies to both on-street parking and in municipal parking lots. Permit fees for the months of April, May and June have also been suspended. 

There will be no parking enforcement for lack of payment.

However, there will still be parking enforcement relating to safety and access issues such as fire routes, accessible parking, no parking/stopping areas, blocked areas and unauthorized vehicles.

Time limit restrictions have been relaxed to help those working from home or self-isolating.

Learn more about service changed on our COVID-19 Information page.

Parking in downtown Oakville during the Lakeshore Road reconstruction

  • First hour free parking with HONK, using promo code DOWNTOWN
  • Free Saturday parking at metered spaces and in municipal lots
  • New municipal parking lot F, at former Fire Hall
  • More on-street parking spaces

Learn more about the downtown Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Project.

Parking in Bronte Village

Bronte Village Pilot Commercial Parking Program

Beginning in June 2019, the town launched a two-year pilot paid parking program in Bronte Village’s commercial shopping district. The program will address concerns from Bronte businesses and residents about the availability of parking in the area. Review the map for parking locations in the program. This pilot program has been approved for a two-year period. Staff will review parking use on an ongoing basis and report back to council in 2021. Review the staff report, item 1 on the February 19, 2019 Community Services Agenda.

Quick facts about the Bronte Village Pilot Commercial Parking Program

  • Charging for on-street parking in commercial shopping areas is a common way to promote turnover and ensure spaces come available more often for customers of the nearby businesses.
  • Fees collected from the paid parking program help fund future parking resources.
  • Rates are $1.50 per hour and $0.25 in 20-minute quick stop spaces (free after 6 p.m. and on Sundays and holidays). All-day (nine-hour) parking is available on Ontario Street for $7 per day or $39.55 for monthly permit. Rates, fees, durations and hours of operations are consistent with those currently in place in other commercial districts within Oakville.
  • Paid parking will be available at spaces alongside Bronte Village storefronts on main and secondary streets, as well as at the town-owned spaces at Bronte Village Mall.
  • ​Paid parking will be available through parking meters, pay-by-plate machines, monthly permits and the Honk mobile payment app. Enforcement patrols will also be in place to help ensure turnover.
  • Two-hour visitor parking will be in effect on residential streets adjacent to commercial shopping areas.
Image of a laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

Image of a laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

Parking Services online

Request permits, report parking concerns or search for a ticket.

Submit a request Report a concern

The municipal parking lot at Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park is not affected by the commercial pilot program.

Private parking lots

Please note, some parking lots are privately owned (not owned or managed by the town) and for customers of the adjacent stores, restaurants and businesses only. If you park on private property and leave the area, you may be ticketed and/or towed. Please remember to abide by all posted parking signs when leaving your vehicle. If unsure, please check with the restaurant or business you are visiting to ensure you are parked in the right place.

What's happening?

Beginning in June 2019, the Town of Oakville implemented a two-year pilot parking program in Bronte Village’s commercial district. The purpose of the pilot is to address business and community concerns about the supply and availability of parking in the Bronte Village district.

What areas are affected?

Paid parking is available alongside Bronte Village storefronts on main and secondary streets, as well as at the town-owned spaces at Bronte Village Mall. Review the map.

Why a paid parking pilot?

Council requested that staff implement a pilot commercial parking program in Bronte after residents, business owners and commercial property owners raised concerns that visitors to the area were parking for extended periods of time in the commercial district, leaving limited spaces for shoppers to park.

Why charge for parking? Won't it hurt business?

Charging for parking in commercial shopping areas is a common way to promote turnover, manage demand and self-fund a parking program. Offering and enforcing paid parking options will help ensure spaces are available for customers, visitors and residents of Bronte Village to enjoy all the shops, restaurants and activities the area provides.

How will this project improve parking in Bronte Village?

The Bronte Pilot Commercial Parking Program will support a dynamic and thriving Bronte Village by encouraging parking turnover for customers, visitors and residents. Beginning in June and over the next two years, the Town of Oakville will monitor the success of this program and use its findings to inform any future permanent changes.  Town staff will report to Council in 2021 on the outcomes of this pilot program and recommend next steps.

I live in Bronte Village. What impact will this program have on residential parking?

During paid parking times, two-hour parking limits will be in effect on residential streets adjacent to commercial shopping areas. Similar to residential streets adjacent to such areas in downtown Oakville and Kerr Village, these streets will be enforced to discourage customers and visitors from parking for extended periods of time in residential areas.

What if the on-street parking intended for visitors is used all day by area employees?

This program will introduce all-day (nine-hour) parking and permit-parking along Ontario Street to provide opportunities for employee parking.

How will the town monitor parking in Bronte?

Town staff will monitor how public parking spaces are used throughout the duration of the pilot program. This will include the frequent collection and review of data from payment equipment, payment app and ticket systems to evaluate the use of public parking in Bronte.

Has Oakville had success with this model in other areas?

In Downtown Oakville and Kerr Village, the town successfully manages commercial parking operations to provide parking for all activities in the area.

Will this initiative impact my property taxes?

Parking revenue is used to enforce, manage and maintain existing parking operations, as well provide for future parking initiatives. The town does not rely on property tax revenue to support parking programs.

Parking Services

Need more time?

Use the HONKmobile app to pay for any extra time you need past 9 a.m. Payment can be made from the comfort of your home any time before 9 a.m. Simply note the "zone number" and lot where your vehicle is parked and secure your parking. This will allow for a little more time to pick up your car.

Set up is simple:

1. Visit to download the app from Apple Store and Google Play
2. Set up account including vehicle and payment information
3. Choose the "zone" or location to park (available on machine or meter or on app)
4. Choose time needed to park
5. Extend time up to maximum allowed in location

Please note: Quick stop meters (20 minutes for $.25) are not available for use with HONK mobile payment. 

Having overnight guests at your home?

A temporary on-street permit (less than 6 vehicles) will help your guests park while visiting. NOTE: Due to COVID-19 this permit is temporarily waived. Parking enforcement related to safety continues.

A multi-vehicle permit (6 or more vehicles) will help accommodate overflow parking during your event.

Need a permit?

Skip the line! Pay with your phone!

Download the new HonkMobile app! Now available at all municipal parking lots and paid parking spaces. Simply park, search, pay and go!