Town Hall lighting recognition events for May 2023

Friday, May 05, 2023
The exterior of Town Hall has multi-colour capable LED lights that can be used to display the official colours associated with a charitable or non-profit organization or a town event, in order to create awareness of or celebrate an organization or town event. 
  • May 1: Green for Mental Health America
  • May 5: Blue and purple for Blue for Huntington Society of Canada
  • May 6 and 7: Green for the Coronation of King Charles III
  • May 8, 22, 29, 30: Green and blue for Community Living Oakville
  • May 12: Purple for Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
  • May 15: Blue and yellow for MPS Awareness Day
  • May 16, 17, 31: Teal for Food Allergy Canada
  • May 18: Red for World IBD Day
  • May 19: Blue for Crohn's and Colitis Canada
  • May 23: Purple for World Schizophrenia and Psychosis Day
  • May 26, 27, 28: Red for The Period Purse
When there are no recognition events scheduled, the default lighting is set to Oakville blue.

For more information on this process, including an application form to make a lighting request, visit our Building Lighting Recognition Procedure page.