Road Resurfacing Schedule

Our annual road resurfacing program typically takes place from June to early December.

The 2024 program is in its final stages of preparation and will be tendered out by the end of April 2024.

Road selection process

We use a pavement management software system that helps us to create an all-inclusive, cost-effective annual road resurfacing and preservation program. 

Every road section is scored a Pavement Quality Index (PQI) rating on a scale of one to 100, with 100 being the highest performance rating a road can score which would be a newly constructed roadway. 

The town’s goals are to have PQI ratings of 65 or higher for all arterial and collector roadways, and 50 or higher for all local residential roadways.

Candidates selected for the Road Resurfacing and Preservation Program are based on a structured selection process approved by Council.

Program budget

The 10-year capital forecast includes Council's current 10-year funding plan for the Road Resurfacing and Preservation Program.

10 Year Capital Forecast

The pavement network performance graph compares where the pavement network performance would be if no funds were allocated to road rehabilitation vs. the current scenario.

The graph shows that approximately 53 per cent of the roads will fall below desirable performance levels by 2031 if no funds are allocated to road rehabilitation.

Pavement Network Performance Graph

Roads planned for resurfacing in 2024

Preparation stages

  • Bridge Road (Bronte Rd to Yolanda Drive)
  • Yolanda Drive (Bridge Road to Sunset Drive)
  • Ontario Street (Bronte Road to East Street)
  • Snowden Road (Hixon Street to Sabel Street)
  • Salvator Boulevard (Sabel Street to Third Line)
  • Wales Crescent (Hixon Street to Hixon Street)
  • Sabel Street (Hixon Street to Salvator Boulevard)

Preparation stages

  • Third Line (Speers Road to South Limit of Dufferin driveway)
  • Pinegrove Road (Limit at Warwick Avenue to 120 metres east of Fourth Line)
  • Maplehurst Avenue (Bridge Road to Pinegrove Road)

Preparation stages

  • Dunn Street (Church Street to Randall Street)
  • Navy Street (Lakeshore Road East to South limit at gate)
  • Water street/William Street (Water Street limit to Navy Street)
  • King Street (Navy Street to Thomas Street)

Preparation stages

  • Windrush Drive (Pilgrim's Way to Pilgrim's Way)
  • Cottonwood Crescent (Pilgrim's Way to Pilgrim's Way)

Preparation stages

  • Westfield Trail (Red Maple Lane to River Glen Boulevard)
  • Andover lane (Red Maple Lane to Westfield Trail)
  • Castle Hill Crescent (River Glen Boulevard to Westchester Road)
  • Howell Road (River Glen Boulevard to River Glen Boulevard)
  • Red Maple Lane (Andover Road to Westfield Trail)

Preparation stages

  • Arrowhead Road (Northridge Trail to Roundabout, pedestrian crossover)
  • Kestell Boulevard (Wasaga Drive - Skip Craigleith intersection - to Roundabout 20 metres northwest past pedestrian crossover)
  • North Ridge Trail (Prince Michael Drive to Arrowhead Road, including roundabout, 20 metres of each intersection)
  • Presquile Drive (Arrowhead Road to Craigleigth Road)
  • Sylvia Drive (Kestell Boulevard to Craigleigth Road)

No work is scheduled in this ward for 2024.

Canada Community-Building Fund

This project received funding from the Canada Community Building Fund (CCBF).

The Canada Community-Building Fund provides direct, permanent, stable funding to help each municipality in Ontario address local infrastructure priorities. Its purpose is to grow the economy, promote a cleaner environment, and build stronger communities all by investing in local infrastructure.