Shared Protected Bicycle Lanes

Shared protected bicycle lanes are part of Oakville's cycling infrastructure.

How to identify a shared protected bike lane

Shared protected bicycle lanes are separated from traffic by concrete curbs and painted buffers. They feature a unique shared transit stop that doesn’t require buses to pull into the bike lane when picking up or offloading bus passengers. Buses stop in the roadway adjacent to the raised green transit stop portion of the bike lane. Cyclists stop behind the white “shark’s teeth” line when a bus has stopped, and yield to passengers boarding and exiting the bus. 

Features include:

  • one-way protected bike lane on both sides of the road, separated from traffic by concrete curbs and painted buffers
  • a transit stop section of the bike lane painted green and raised to sidewalk height so that the bus stop remains accessible for all transit customers
  • pavement markings and signage to notify cyclists they are approaching the raised transit stop and to yield to people boarding and exiting the bus
  • unique pavement markings and way-finding tactile surfaces to aid pedestrians of all abilities to navigate the bus stop area

Where to find them

Shared protected bicycle lanes are part of the Town of Oakville's new cycling infrastructure on Speers Road making it more comfortable and convenient to get around Oakville by bicycle.

How to use the shared protected bicycle lane

Please take the time to learn how to use the new shared space to keep everyone safe. Pedestrians have the right of way when crossing the bike lane and cyclists must yield to them. Pedestrians are reminded that this is a travel lane for cyclists and they should not stand or linger in the bike lane before the bus arrives.