Our 200+ kilometres of recreational trails cross all communities and connect all sections of the town.

Trail safety

When using our trails please respect the environment and stay on the path. Creating your own paths and building bike ramps in our woodlots/greenspace is harmful to the ecosystem and dangerous for other trail users.

To report bike ramps on our trails contact ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601. For more information on cycling etiquette, please visit our Cycling Safety and Laws page.

Location details

Crosstown Trail

Take a longer journey east and west along the crosstown corridor. The trail is located along the TransCanada/ Enbridge pipeline. Starting at Bronte Provincial Park to the Sixteen Mile Creek, traverse Lion's Valley park to find the eastern stretch of the trail extending to Ninth Line and the Joshua Creek Trail North.

Nipigon/ McCraney Valley Trail

Starting at Memorial Park, the Nipigon Trail runs south along Sixth Line to Upper Middle Road East. Once south of Upper Middle Road, the McCraney Valley Trail extends behind Sheridan College and into Oakville Park on McCraney Street East.

Munn's Creek/ Shannon Creek Trail

In the River Oaks area, the Munn's Creek and Shannon Creek Trail extend from River Glen Boulevard to Neyagawa Boulevard and Upper Middle Road E. Walk the Shannon Creek trail into the Sixteen Mile Creek Trail.

Sixteen Mile Creek Trail

The Sixteen Mile Creek Trail runs through the centre of Oakville. On either side of Lion's Valley Park you will find the east and west bank of the Sixteen Mile Creek Trail.

Joshua Creek Trail North

The Joshua Creek Trail North runs from Dundas Street (just west of Ninth Line) down to the Parkway Park near the Crosstown Trail. This trail runs along the Joshua Creek which extends north to the Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre.

Morrison Valley Trail

The Morrison Valley Trail North runs from Dundas Street East to Upper Middle Road just east of Trafalgar Road. The Morrison Valley Trail South runs from Upper Middle Road to Iroquois Shore Road and provides access to the Morrison Wedgewood Channel which runs into Iroquois Shoreline Woods.

Iroquois Shoreline Woods Trail

The Iroquois Shoreline Woods trail connects with the Morrison Valley South trail. This trail system provides a shaded and lengthy exploration through one of the largest woodlots in Oakville.

Fourteen Mile Creek Trail

West of Third Line, the Fourteen Mile Creek Trail extends from the QEW to Dundas Street West. North of Upper Middle Road West, the trail system branches into two sections. One runs west of Bronte and the other east of Grand Oak Trail.

McCraney Creek Trail

The McCraney Creek Trail runs alongside a waterway that flows into the Fourteen Mile creek. The trail runs from Dundas Street West down to the Indian Ridge Trail at the QEW.

Taplow Creek Trail

In Glen Abbey, the Taplow Creek runs from Upper Middle Road West to the Indian Ridge Trail just west of Dorval Drive. The creek along this trail runs directly into Lake Ontario.

Joshua Creek Trail South

The Joshua Creek Trail South runs from Arkendo Park north to Brookmill Road, following the Joshua Creek watershed which runs into Lake Ontario. Visit the South East Sports Field information kiosk to learn about the valley's habitat and the area's agricultural and industrial history.

Avonhead Ridge Trail

The Avonhead Ridge Trail circles the Clearview neighbourhood from Ford Drive to Winston Churchill providing access to community gardens, sportsfields, playgrounds, and a woodlot.

Bronte Creek Trail

Starting in Bronte's Harbour, the trail runs north along the creek through Petro Canada Park and along the west side of Bronte Road to Bronte Provincial Park and Upper Middle Road West.

Donovan Bailey Park Trail

The Donovan Bailey Park Trail extends from Bronte Road south of Speers Road to Lakeshore Road West.

Nautical Woods Trail

Start your walk in the trails of Sheldon Creek west of Great Lakes Boulevard and make your way north east to Nautical Woods and Nautical Park which features a sports field, playground and splash pad.

The heritage trail system connects east and west Oakville and includes information kiosks that reflect our natural, human and built heritage.

Visit the Heritage Trails page for more information.