Skateboard Parks

Learn about the six skateboard facilities located in our parks.

Cornwall Road Sports Park

Open Map for 425 Cornwall Road

The Cornwall Road Sports Park facility is a cast-in-place concrete skate spot. The size is about 300-square-metres. The main feature is a bowl that incorporates elements such as waves and islands.

George Savage Park

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The George Savage Park facility offers a 285-square-metre park and includes: quarter pipe, flat ledge, flat bar, rooftop wedge to wedge and rooftop ledge, manual box and out-ledge combination, and cantilevered turnaround banks.

Glen Abbey Park

Open Map for 1415 Third Line

The Glen Abbey facility, located outside the Glen Abbey Community Centre, offers a 300-square-metre park built on a concrete pad and includes several ramps, grind rails, a planter, grind box and jersey barrier.

Glenashton Park

Open Map for 1051 Glenashton Drive

The Glenashton facility, located outside the Iroquois Ridge Community Centre, offers a 320-square-metre park built on a concrete pad and includes several ramps, a mini half pipe, a planter, a kinked grind rail, a grind box and stairs.

Shell Park

Open Map for 3307 Lakeshore Road West

Shell Park has a 1,230-square-metre park with 26 cement ramps. The park is open year-round, weather permitting. In addition, skateboard classes are offered in spring and fall.

William Rose Park

Open Map for 455 Wheat Boom Drive

William Rose Park offers a 120-square-metre park and is an in-ground, cast-in-place facility, with a central bowl area and other curved ramps.