About this project

The existing concrete block seawall on the west side in Shipyard Park (Oakville Harbour) is over 30 years old and coming to the end of its life cycle. The current walls are installed below the 100-year flood elevation (76.3 metres) and are prone to flooding – which occurred in 2017 and 2019. 

The Parks and Open Space Department is replacing the existing concrete block seawall with a steel sheet pile wall, installed at an elevation above the 100-year flood elevation.   

The proposed limit of work is from the existing boat launch, northwards to the limit of the Lakeshore Road bridge.

Project Location

Shipyard Park (Oakville Harbour)
99 Forsythe Street, Ward 2

Project status

The construction of this project is anticipated to start in early November 2023 and be completed by April 2024.


Shoreplan Engineering Ltd. has been retained to provide coastal engineering consulting services for this project.

Rankin Construction Inc. has been retained to complete the seawall replacement.

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