About this project

Bronte Inner Harbour is situated on Bronte Creek and outlets to Lake Ontario, and Bronte Outer Harbour is on Lake Ontario. 

Bronte Creek, like many rivers and creeks along the north shore of Lake Ontario, carry suspended sediment from the upper reaches of the creek to the mouth of Lake Ontario. Over time, this suspended sediment settles into the inner and outer harbours and limits boat accessibility to and from the harbour. As a result of the sediment deposit, the Town conducts maintenance dredges to restore the creek to a depth that is navigable by the boater community in the harbour.

This current dredge is expected to remove 21,000 cubic metres of sediment from the creek.

Dredge Location

  • Bronte Inner Harbour – from Lakeshore Road bridge to the south limit of the Bronte boat launch ramp. Approximately 18,000 cubic metres.
  • Bronte Outer Harbour – approximately near Dock ‘A’ on the western limit. Approximately 3,000 cubic metres.
  • Dredge offloading location: Berta Point – 75 West River Street (Ward 1).

Project status

The dredging operation is anticipated to start in November 2023 and be completed by April 2024.


Shoreplan Engineering Ltd. has been retained to provide coastal engineering consulting services for this project.

Galcon Marine Ltd. has been retained to conduct the dredging activities.