Outdoor Ice Rinks

Outdoor ice rinks are now closed for the season. See you next winter!

Outdoor ice rinks are closed for the season

Outdoor ice rinks are located in parks throughout Oakville and provide an opportunity to get active and outdoors in the winter.

Rink locations and status

Unrefrigerated outdoor ice rinks

The town maintains several outdoor neighbourhood skating rinks at town parks for your winter enjoyment. These are unsupervised, use at your own risk, recreational rinks. CSA approved hockey helmets are strongly recommended.

Snow clearing

After a snow event, ice rink snow clearing will commence within 24 hours of the end of the snow fall.

Mild weather

To protect the ice surfaces of our rinks, please do not use the ice on days where the temperature is mild. When the temperature rises above freezing, the ice can get quite soft and can be damaged by use.

Skating on ponds is not permitted

Going onto frozen ponds, rivers and lakes is very dangerous and not allowed. Never walk, skate or toboggan on a frozen body of water as the ice can be very unpredictable.

To report a safety concern, call ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601. If you see someone fall through ice, call 9-1-1 immediately.

For more information, visit our Stormwater Management Ponds page.

Neighbourhood rinks

If your neighbourhood wants to establish a rink other than those listed, it is the residents’ responsibility to maintain the rink.

Use the Neighbourhood Ice Rink Request form to request a location.

Neighbourhood Ice Rink Request form