Park gate permit

Approval is required before installing a gate in a town fence separating private property and active parkland (2024 fee of $203 applies). Gates are not permitted between private property and naturalized parkland or trails.

Gate Installation application form

Park access permit

A Park Access Permit is required to access private property through a town-owned park or trail.

Pool installations, landscaping projects, building projects, renovations, and tree removals are examples of projects that may need to request a Park Access Permit to help workers, materials and equipment to access the property that is being worked on. 

The purpose of this permit is to ensure that parks and trails are not damaged during construction and that public recreational access is not unduly restricted due to construction work. If you need to enter a park or trail with any materials or equipment, complete the Park Access Permit application form and submit along with a certificate of insurance naming the Town of Oakville as additional insured in the amount of $5 million. 

A non-refundable permit fee of $203 (2024 fee amount) applies, and a refundable security deposit will be determined after a site visit. Submission of the certificate of insurance and application must occur prior to submission of any funds.

Park Access Permit application form