Fences and Gates

A guide to prepare for your fence or gate construction project.

Make sure you plan ahead before you start your fence or gate project so you can identify things that my impact your project during the planning stage, while your project is underway, and after it's complete. 

Fences are a necessary safety feature and must be installed around all types of pools including inflatable ones, hot tubs and landscape pond features.

Project preparation

  • The Fences and Privacy Screens By-law regulates the heights, construction and material of fences, hedges and privacy screens.
  • The consolidated Division Fence By-law regulates how the cost of division fences should be split between adjoining property owners.
  • The Pool Enclosure By-law regulates all pool enclosures constructed, existing or replaced. All pools require an enclosure. The by-law sets out: 
    •  Permit requirements
    •  Minimums for height, distance from water’s edge and locking gate requirements 

To add or replace a pool enclosure on your property you will need to complete:

  • Development Engineering Permit Application (site alt., pools, road cuts, TSO, driveways). Visit our Development Engineering Permit page for more details.

You may need a Gate and Park Access Permit if:

  • You require temporary access to a town park for construction projects such as private pool installation or landscaping
  • You wish to install and maintain a gate in any fence separating a residential property from a town park

Your project may require additional approvals from other town departments or other agencies.

Trees on your property, your neighbour's property and on the municipal right of way may require tree protection, particularly when heavy equipment and excavation is involved. In certain instances, a permit may be required to remove private trees. Learn more about tree removal and how to find a licensed arborist.