A guide to prepare your site alteration permit for your landscaping project.

Make sure you plan ahead before you start your landscaping project so you can identify things that my impact your project during the planning stage, while your project is underway, and after it's complete.

We encourage you to use your property survey or contact the town to determine your property line before beginning any landscaping or construction.

Project preparation

The Site Alteration By-law and Zoning By-laws may have implications for your landscaping project.

Landscapers working in Oakville must hold a business licence from the town in accordance with the town's Business Licensing By-law.

Heritage properties are managed to conserve important cultural heritage attributes. If your property is on the town's heritage registry it may require heritage approval. 

Learn more about heritage planning or contact a town heritage planner for assistance at 905-845-6601 ext . 3870 or 3875.

Building inspections are required at multiple stages during your construction, renovation or demolition project. Please refer to the documents issued with your permit drawings for details about required inspections. It is your responsibility as the owner to ensure that the mandatory inspections are requested.

Call 905-338-4220 to set up your building inspections — remember to have your permit number ready! Visit the Building Inspections page for more information.

You may require the following permits for your landscaping project:

If a shed, cabana, pergola or gazebo is part of your landscaping project it may be subject to a building permit.

Trees on your property, your neighbour's property and on the municipal right of way may require tree protection, particularly when heavy equipment and excavation is involved. In certain instances, a permit may be required to remove private trees. 

Learn more about tree removal and how to find a licensed arborist.

  • Fences are required around water landscape features - fences require a development engineering permit
  • You might need a building permit if your landscaping project includes a deck or accessory structure