New House

A guide to prepare your building permit application for your new house.

Plan ahead. Constructing a new home is quite involved and requires coordination of multiple approvals from the town and other agencies. 

Reach out early to involved parties to initiate conversations and allow time for infrastructure upgrades and approvals.

Before preparing your permit

Some approvals and permits must be in place before you start preparing your building permit application.

Contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 before you dig to locate underground utilities and avoid damage during construction.

For electrical work, contact the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) at 1-877-372-7233 or Learn more at the ESA website

Additional permits and documentation may be required before preparing your building permit application, including:

  • Demolition permit: If you plan to demolish an existing structure, you will require a separate demolition permit. A demolition permit is a type of building permit. Refer to the Residential Demolition page for more information.

  • Accessory apartment: If you plan to create a separate dwelling unit, please refer to the Accessory Apartment page for additional requirements. 

  • Site plan approval: You must submit an application for site plan approval if there is a severance of the property.

  • Separate permits are also required if you are:
    • Adding a pool
    • Adding a retaining wall
    • Widening a driveway

For more information, contact ServiceOakville at or 905-845-6601. 

Project preparation

Detailed information is needed to properly evaluate your plans and the unique conditions of your property: 

Before you get started, consult the zoning by-law to ensure your house plans, proposed dimensions and location are permitted under the Town of Oakville's zoning by-laws which regulate the use, shape and location of buildings on properties. 

Visit our Zoning page or contact us at 905-845-6601 ext. 3955.

If your project includes excavation and your property backs onto green space, a river bed or wetland you will need Conservation Halton approval. 

Learn more at Conservation Halton's website. Contact Conservation Halton for approval at or 905-336-1158. 

For new service connections including water service, water meter and sanitary connections contact the Region of Halton at or 905-825-6000.

Development and other charges such as cash in lieu of parkland dedication are payable on severed lots and vacant properties. 

Contact Development Finance at or visit our Development Charges page.

Other considerations

New construction or physical changes to your building or land may result in additional property taxes being levied.  These changes may result in an increase of value to your property, and the town is legislated to issue additional property tax billings due to an increase in value. 

  • The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) can provide the Town with increased property values (supplementary and/or omitted assessment) for the current tax year and two years prior when: 
    • land is omitted from the assessment roll 
    • use of the property changes 
    • property is improved due to construction, an addition, or renovation 
  • You will receive a Property Assessment Change Notice from MPAC, informing you of the supplementary and/or omitted assessment value. 
  • Supplementary and/or omitted residential property tax bills are calculated by multiplying the supplementary and/or omitted assessment value by the tax rate for the applicable tax year. 
  • MPAC has authority to assign omitted and/or supplementary assessment for the current year and two years prior. 
  • If you own a new property or have purchased a home in a new subdivision, the first regular bill you receive from the Town may only be for the portion relating to land value. You should expect a supplementary and/or omitted bill for the structure to follow. 
  • Supplementary and/or omitted assessments are issued under the authority of Section 34 and 33 of the Assessment Act. 

For more information on supplementary and omitted taxes, visit our Property Assessments & Appeals page or email