A guide to prepare your development engineering application for a driveway.

Make sure you plan ahead before you start your driveway project so you can identify things that my impact your project during the planning stage, while your project is underway, and after it's complete.

Project preparation

For driveway construction projects you will need a development engineering permit.

Visit our Development Engineering Permits page for details.

Trees on your property, your neighbour's property and on the municipal right of way may require tree protection, particularly when heavy equipment and excavation is involved. In certain instances, a permit may be required to remove private trees. Learn more about tree removal and how to find a licensed arborist.

A driveway permit is required for:

  • Altering an existing driveway
  • Constructing a new driveway entrance onto a town roadway
  • Constructing a second driveway to permit a circular driveway
  • Constructing driveway curbs on the road allowance

Verify that your driveway plans are permitted under the Town of Oakville's Zoning by-laws