3064 Trafalgar Road Inc. - 3064 Trafalgar Road - 1313.006/01

Site Plan Application
3064 Trafalgar Road
File No: 1313.006/01


Two 20 storey towers with potential permissions up to 30 storey towers, 698 residential units, 851 parking spaces with an underground parking garage. Total floor area is approximately 584,000 square feet and underground area is approximately 353,000 square feet.

Section 37 Bonusing provisions would permit the towers to go above 20 storeys to a maximum height of 30 storeys. The final height will be determined through the review of this application.

Corresponding Zoning Z.1313.09 approved on April 6, 2021, By-law 2021-032

Contact Information

Brandon Hassan
905-845-6601 ext. 3006