Detect Fires and Carbon Monoxide

Steps you can take to help identify the presence of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide.

Fire detection reminders

It is the law in Ontario to have working carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in your home.

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, tasteless and odourless gas that can be deadly. It is produced when fuel is not completely burnt in fuel-burning appliances and devices.

If your CO alarm sounds, you or other occupants may experience symptoms of CO poisoning. It is critical to get everyone out of the home immediately and call 9-1-1 from outside the building.

For information about how and where to install CO alarms, how to prevent CO buildup in your home and hazards of CO exposure, visit the Ontario Government’s Carbon Monoxide Safety page.

It is the law in Ontario that every home must have a working smoke alarm on every storey and outside all sleeping areas.

Smoke alarms should be installed on the ceiling. If this is not possible, install the alarm high up on a wall. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms should be tested monthly.

For information about responsibility for installation, choosing the right alarm, and proper installation, visit the Ontario Government’s Smoke Alarms page.

Inspections and plans reviews enforce the Ontario Building Code and Ontario Fire Code. All fire and life safety requirements must be met.

Fire inspections/reviews are required for:

  • Renovations or new construction building approvals
  • Private Home Daycares (pdf)
  • Complaints of violations and/or a request for a public inquiry into violations
  • Discovery of violations or hazardous occupancies

File searches can be requested to see the inspection/compliance history of a building. To request a file search:

  • You must be the owner or have permission from the current owner in writing
  • Submit your request in writing to Fire Prevention, 1144 South Service Road West, Oakville ON L6L 5T7
  • Include your cheque with the appropriate fee , payable to the Oakville Fire department.

Fire routes

New buildings must also complete a Fire Route Application (pdf)

For more information, to book a fire inspection, request a file search, or submit a Fire Route Application, please contact or call 905-338-4404.

Building demolition

All applications to demolish a building  go through the Building Services department.

A demolition permit is required when demolishing a building that is larger than 10 square metres or 107 square feet.

Demolition must comply with Section 8 of the Ontario Fire Code. No open burning is permitted.

Special warning accessories can be installed in addition to mandatory smoke alarms. These devices can help warn members of your home that are hearing impaired:

  • A high intensity strobe light along with a pillow or bed shaker can wake them up and alert them in the event of a home fire.
  • Smoke alarm alert devices are also available. These devices produce a loud, mixed low-pitched sound. This equipment is activated by the sound of the smoke alarm and is usually installed next to the bed.


For more information about fire prevention, to book an inspection or a public education event, contact: