Strategic Plan

2019 to 2022 Strategic Plan

The strategic plan sets out the strategic direction for the Town of Oakville over the term of Council. It serves as the framework to help guide Council’s decision making and resource allocation during the four-year term of office.

Council’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan was approved on April 29, 2019 at Council.

Vision, mission, values

The Town of Oakville’s Strategic Plan is guided by three fundamental elements: our vision, our mission and our values.

Five key areas of focus

Council’s strategic plan includes five key areas of focus for 2019-2022:

  1. Livability
    To be the most livable town in Canada
  2. Engaged Community
    Foster a community environment that engages residents of all ages, abilities and backgrounds
  3. Accountable Government
    Inspire public confidence through open, accountable and efficient delivery of government services
  4. Mobility
    Improve town’s multi-modal transportation network to support effective movement of people and goods
  5. Environment
    Protect greenspace and promote environmentally sustainable practices

Each area of focus is connected to specific action items, key measures and targets which drive the plan towards Council’s vision to be the most livable town in Canada.

Previous strategic plans

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