On-street parking

The town does not allow permanent on-street parking. Town by-laws prohibit parking during the following times:

  • No parking longer than three hours
  • No parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. between the months of November 15 to April 15 (areas south of Dundas Street)
  • No parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. all year (north of Dundas Street)

Other posted by-laws may be applicable to limit parking on a street.

In addition, town by-laws prohibits vehicles from parking:

  • within one metre of a driveway
  • within three metres of a fire hydrant
  • within 10 metres of an intersection
  • on or overhanging a sidewalk
  • on a boulevard, median or island
  • facing the wrong direction of traffic
  • in such a manner to block another vehicle
  • in an area signs No Parking or No Stopping

Please note that not all parking regulations are posted on signs.

If you would like to request that restricted parking be implemented on your street you will be required to submit an informal petition to the town. The petition is a pre-screening process before a technical analysis of the request is undertaken. For more information please contact ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601.

Increased parking fines around lakefront parks effective August 21

In an effort to control overcrowding, town staff are posting signs on certain streets surrounding lakefront parks identifying them as increased fine zones. 

Enforcement starts August 21 until October 31, 2020, with fines set at $100. Municipal enforcement staff will patrol these areas regularly.

Park parking lots remain open, but once full, visitors are encouraged to come back another time. 

As we continue under emergency orders, these regulations can help encourage physical distancing and limit the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Review our news release for more information.

Permits available

For more information on the various permit types please visit the parking permits page.

The following permits are offered by the town:

Temporary on-street parking

When having guests or if you are unable to access your driveway due to construction.

North of Dundas Permits

Permits for overnight on-street parking is available to residents north of Dundas to park their vehicles overnight on select streets.

Commercial District Permits

Daytime monthly paid parking permits are available in various areas in downtown Oakville, Kerr Village and Bronte Village.