On-street parking

The town does not allow permanent on-street parking. There are by-laws to prohibit parking for the following time limits:

  • No parking longer than 3 hours
  • No parking between 2 and 6 a.m. between the months of November 15 to April 15 (areas south of Dundas Street)
  • No parking between 2 and 6 a.m. all year (areas north of Dundas Street)
  • Other posted by laws may be applicable. Please note any parking signs posted on your local street

Permits available

Various permits are available to assist with the various requirements to park on the road.  The following permits are offered by the Oakville Parking Operations:

Temporary on-street parking

When having guests or unable to access their driveways

North of Dundas Permits

Areas north of Dundas Street allow for residential on-street parking permits.

Commercial District Permits

Areas in downtown Oakville and Kerr Village where monthly paid parking permits may be obtained.  These permits are available for use during the daytime only.

 For more information on the various permit types please visit the parking permits page.