Bronte Smart City Pilot Project

Smart city technology is coming to Bronte Village as part of a new pilot project aimed at enhancing the parking experience.

The town will be introducing vehicle time monitoring and parking technology on Bronte Road between Marine Drive and Ontario Street to collect data that could help the town learn more about how long vehicles stay in the area. The information will assist with parking supply management and enforcement.

The technology will be introduced by the end of November 2023, starting on Bronte Road between Marine Drive and Ontario Street. The project will be expanded early 2024 to include Bronte Road between Lakeshore Road East and Marine Drive.  

We hope to gather and analyze data over the next year. The pilot project is in place to improve the overall parking experience and expand the town’s use of smart city technologies. 

More about parking technology

The technology will collect data aimed at improving parking management and other data that could help enhance town services. 

This includes:

  • Checking imaging that displays licence plate information (the images are narrowly focused on licence plates and will not capture other images)
  • Counting vehicles entering and exiting the area
  • Collecting parking stall occupancy

The licence plate information, and the time a vehicle enters and exits the test area, will be collected and compiled into a report to determine the average amount of time a vehicle is parked in the test area. 

  • The photos and licence information are not kept as they are only being used to track the in and out movement of traffic through the area
  • This data will be scheduled to be deleted on a regular basis where no records will be maintained from the photos