Smart Commute

The Smart Commute initiative aims to encourage commuters to get to work by means other than alone in their cars.

About the initiative

To help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, the town is participating in Canada’s largest ever transportation demand reduction program—the Smart Commute Initiative.

Oakville’s Smart Commute Initiative offers programs and services to encourage and help town employees get to work by means other than alone in their cars including:

  • Carpool/ride matching service
  • Preferential carpool parking
  • Emergency ride home program
  • Employee bicycles
  • Discounted monthly transit passes
  • Secure bike lockers
  • Clean air commute program

The Smart Commute Initiative operates through Smart Commute Halton’s Transportation Management Association (TMA). The TMA is a non-profit member-controlled organization aimed at providing sustainable transportation solutions.

To learn more about how your organization can reduce single-occupant-vehicle travel visit the Smart Commute Initiative website.