New Roads and Assumption of Subdivisions

The transfer of responsibility for the maintenance of new subdivisions and roads from the developer to the town.

Once a subdivision plan is registered, all the land on which roads, streets, traffic islands, parks, etc., have been built is transferred to town ownership. Additional urban infrastructure built on these town lands is designed to town standards and approved by the town.

The responsibility for maintenance and replacement of the urban infrastructure moves from the developer to the town once it has been inspected and is deemed to meet town standards for assumption. At this point, maintenance of the infrastructure is included in the town's budgeting process, and the town is responsible for setting design and construction standards.

The assumption process can take several years and involve many agencies and town departments. Typically, assumption does not occur until at least five years after construction of the first house. The first indication that a subdivision is nearing eligibility for assumption will be that the streets have received the final lift of asphalt.

More information is available on the New Subdivisions page. For questions about winter maintenance, please visit the Snow Clearing page.

Assumption eligibility

To find out whether your subdivision is eligible for assumption, visit the links for individual wards below. Assumptions are based on the registered plan number. To determine the status of your subdivision you will need to know your registered plan number, which will look something like: 20M-XXX. If you do not already know your registered plan number you can find this information on the MPAC assessment document or your tax bill.

During this five-year period the following services will be provided by the either the town or Halton Region:

  • Snow removal (town)
  • Fire Protection (town)
  • Enforcement of parking restrictions (town)
  • Police protection and enforcement of Highway Traffic Act (Halton Region)
  • Garbage collection (Halton Region)

Assumption of subdivisions