Contractor Vehicle Permit

Get a permit for contractor passenger vehicle on-street parking.

In certain situations, residential contractors may need to park one or more vehicles on the street near a job site. In this case you will need to get a contractor vehicle permit.

The permit will allow for contractor passenger vehicles to park during the approved time and will grant permission to park:

  • Longer than 3 hours in a specified location at any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for the dates noted on the permit. Sundays and holidays are excluded.

Permit name

Contractor Vehicle Parking (CVP) Permit


This CVP permit is available for:

  • Contractors that require on-street parking for longer than 3 hours in a specified location at any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., excluding Sundays and holidays.

Upon approval these permits do not guarantee parking spaces will be available on the street.

Duration of permit

  • One day
  • 30 days


  • Monthly - $50 per permit (HST included)
  • Daily - $10 per permit (HST included)

Request this permit

To request a Contractor Vehicle Parking Permit:

  1. Review all of the information on this page, including the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Complete the CVP Parking Permit Form (pdf) and submit to

Once Parking Operations has received your application form, we will be in touch to obtain your credit card information to set up payment. 

If you require a monthly permit for more than one month, payment will be set up to renew automatically for the duration of the period requested on the application. 

 Applications may take up to 10 business days to process.

Terms specific to this permit

  • Permit allows for parking longer than 3 hours in the specified locations at any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for the dates noted on the permit. Sundays and holidays are excluded. 
  • Permit is for passenger vehicles only. 
  • Permits for more than 30 days will require the applicant to notify properties abutting the parking locations. 
  • The permit is transferable for car pool purposes; however, no duplicate permits will be issued. 
  • Parking charges are for use of parking space only. 
  • Photocopies or alterations to the permit will deem it invalid. 
  • The Town of Oakville, its employees or agents are not responsible for loss or damage to vehicle or its contents, however caused. 
  • A parking space is not guaranteed. 
  • NSF fee will be applied if payment could not be processed or if payment was declined. 
  • Cancellations for monthly permits will only occur at the end of a month, no cancellations for part months. 
  • Cancellations for monthly permits require 30 days written notice. 
  • Fees are charged at the beginning of each month. 
  • Failure to make payment will result in cancellation of the permit. 
  • No credit or refunds for period of time when parking is not used, or parking space is not found. 
  • Contact Parking Operations if a permit is lost or stolen. 
  • A permit replacement fee will be charged for any lost or stolen permit. 
  • Parking permit areas listed under this permit program will be monitored frequently to ensure vehicles are parked according to the approved permit and that permits are properly displayed. 
  • Applicant is responsible to ensure that all requisite Town permits and/or business licenses have been obtained. 
  • Parking Penalty Notices (tickets) may be issued to any vehicles/trade workers not following the terms and conditions of this permit program. 
  • The Town of Oakville reserves the right, to make changes to the permit program, including changes to the permit fees. 
  • The Town of Oakville reserves the right to refuse the renewal of any permit if there are multiple unpaid parking tickets, penalties or fees.

The permit holder is responsible for

  • Adhering to all the terms and conditions related to their permit. 
  • Ensuring the permit is clear on display when the vehicle is parked, either on the dashboard or hanging from the rearview mirror. 
  • Parking their vehicle in the location identified on the permit and on the additional map provided. 
  • Ensuring the vehicle is not a commercial or construction vehicle, construction equipment, recreational vehicle, trailer, vehicle with trailer or inoperable vehicle. 
  • Ensuring the vehicle is not parked contrary to any signed or unsigned parking regulations. 
  • Ensuring the vehicle is properly plated with a valid permit.
  • Alternate parking arrangements and charges if parking space is not found.
  • Locking their vehicle when parked.

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