Dispute a Ticket

Parking and by-law tickets may be disputed through our screening process.

To dispute a parking or by-law penalty notice (ticket), you or your agent must act within 15 days of ticket issuance. Acting after the 15 day period may result in additional fees. 

Before choosing to dispute a parking or by-law related ticket, please be aware of the following:

  • Tickets are issued when there is a violation of a municipal by-law.
  • Reason, intent or duration do not change the fact that there was a violation.
  • Being unaware of the regulations does not excuse you from penalties.
  • Signage is not required to provide notice of violations.
  • Photos of the violation are not required to issue a ticket.
  • Valid tickets are not cancelled.
  • When disputing a ticket, an independent legal process is engaged that is legislatively prescribed to be free from interference. Interference from political or social media sources may result in legal consequences for the ticket recipient and relevant parties. 
  • Outstanding tickets sent to MTO or collections cannot be appealed or disputed

Resolving a ticket dispute

The first step is to book an initial screening meeting. This meeting is overseen by a screening officer who has the authority to uphold, reduce or extend time to pay the penalty.

Depending on the type of ticket you have been issued, you can complete your screening online or book a meeting with a screening officer.

Online screening meetings

If your ticket was issued for any of these offences, you can resolve your dispute online:

  • Parking longer than three hours where prohibited
  • Parking overnight (2 a.m. to 6 a.m.) where prohibited
  • Parking facing the wrong way
  • Parking on/overhang sidewalk
  • Parking at an expired parking meter
  • Parking without authorized ticket, payment or permit

This process requires an online booking where the reason for dispute is submitted to the Screening Officer to review. Please monitor your junk/spam folder for the screening decision email. Safelist the domain "oakville.ca" to ensure messages are delivered to your inbox.

Phone screening meetings

If the type of ticket or violation cannot be resolved through online screening, an appointment must be scheduled for a screening officer to review your ticket. The meeting will be held over the phone. 

To book an initial screening meeting, please go online or call 905-845-6601. 

During the screening meeting

  • The initial screening meeting is overseen by a screening officer who has the authority to uphold, reduce, or extend time to pay the penalty.
  • Valid tickets are not cancelled.

If you or your agent fails to attend a screening meeting:

  • You are deemed to have abandoned the dispute. 
  • The penalty of your ticket is affirmed and administrative fees will be applied. 

Request an independent hearing

After completing your screening, if you are not satisfied with the decision of the screening officer you have up to 15 days after the decision to request a review by an independent hearing officer. The decision of the hearing officer is final. 

To request a review by a hearing officer, you or your agent must submit a Notice of Intention to Appear at a Hearing Meeting form to the Town of Oakville within 15 days of the screening decision. This form is available by contacting Enforcement Services at parking@oakville.ca or by phone at 905-845-6601.

During hearing meetings

All hearings are currently being held remotely by teleconference.

A ticket recipient can provide submissions to parking@oakville.ca by noon one business day prior to the hearing date. 

If you fail to attend a hearing:

  • You will be deemed to have abandoned the hearing.
  • Your ticket and any previous administrative fees will be deemed to be final.
  • An additional fee of $100 will be applied for failing to attend the scheduled hearing.