Monthly Parking Permits

Get a monthly daytime parking pass for municipal parking lots and commercial areas.

You can purchase a monthly parking pass for daytime parking in eligible municipal parking lots in a commercial area.

Municipal Parking Lot Maps

Permit name

Commercial Area Parking Permit


This permit is available for purchase by anyone.

Duration of permit

  • Monthly, with a minimum of 90 days to start.


  • Varies by location. Prices listed below. HST included.

Downtown Oakville

  • Church Street Parkade (covered parking garage on Church Street between Trafalgar Road and Reynolds Street) - $101.70
  • Lot 2 (corner of Church Street and Thomas Street) - $62.15
  • Lot 3 (corner of Church Street and George Street) - $62.15
  • Lot 6  and north side of Randall Street - $62.15
  • Lot 6A (corner of Randall Street and George Street) - $62.15
  • Lot 11B and west side of Water Street - $39.55
  • Lot 14 and west side of Water Street - $39.55
  • Lot F (temporary lot, corner of Randall and Navy Streets) - $39.55
  • Douglas/Randall (designated areas between Allan Street and Lakeshore Road East) - $39.55

Kerr Village

  • Lot 12 (between Florence and Washington Streets) - $39.55
  • Lot 17 (corner of Kerr Street and Westside Drive) - $39.55

Bronte Village locations

  • Ontario Street (south side between Jones and East Streets) - $39.55

Many of these locations have a waiting list, with varying wait times depending on the location.

Request this permit

To request a Commercial Area (Monthly) Parking Permit:

  1. Review all of the information on this page, including the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Sign into your town account.
  3. Complete an online Parking Permit request.

How to submit a permit request

  1. Click "Sign in"
    • On a desktop or laptop computer you'll find "Sign In" in the upper-right corner of this page.
    • On a tablet or mobile phone, click on the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of this page. Then click "Sign in" on the top-left corner when the menu page opens.
  2. If you don't yet have a town account:
    • Select "Create Account"
    • Complete all the required fields with your information. When you are done, select "Create an account."
    • You will receive a pop-up message directing you to check the email used to create your account. The email contains a link to create your password. You must complete this step within 24 hours to activate your account.
    • Once your password is created, you will be redirected to the Online Services page, and you should see that you are signed in (your name is displayed in the top right-hand corner).
  3. Sign in to your account.
  4. Select “Parking and Enforcement” then “Paid Parking Permit” to make a request.


When a location is sold out during your permit ordering process, you have the option to join the waitlist. The waitlist operates on first come first serve basis by request date.

  • You can be on up to three waitlists at one time.
  • Permit offers are managed relevant to the date of waitlist request.
  • As permits become available, the next waitlist entry is offered a permit via email using the email address on file.

Waitlist offers

  • Offers are valid for five business days.
  • If the offer is rejected or we do not hear from you within five business days your offer is rescinded, you are removed from this waitlist and this permit is offered to the next waitlist entry.
  • The offer can be accepted via email, by phone or in-person.

For all permits

  • Parking charges and permits are for use of parking space only
  • The Town of Oakville, its employees or agents are not responsible for loss or damage to vehicle or its contents, however caused
  • A parking space is not guaranteed
  • NSF fee will be applied if payment could not be processed or if payment was declined
  • Failure to make payment will result in cancellation of the permit
  • No credit or refunds for period of time when parking is not used, or parking not found
  • Only those vehicles identified in the permit holder’s account are permitted to use the permit for parking
  • The Town of Oakville reserves the right, with 30 days’ notice, to change rates, fees or parking permit program
  • The Town of Oakville reserves the right to refuse the renewal or issuance of any permit if there are multiple unpaid parking tickets or penalties
  • Permits are non-transferable
  • Permit can only be registered to a vehicle with current licence registration

The permit holder is responsible for

  • Adhering to all the terms and conditions related to their permit
  • Parking their vehicle in the location identified on the permit
  • Parking their vehicle in a parking space designated with pavement markings, if the location has demarcated parking spaces
  • Ensuring all contact, payment and vehicle information is current
  • Ensuring the vehicle is not a commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer, vehicle with trailer or inoperable vehicle
  • Ensuring the vehicle is properly plated and registered with a valid permit
  • NSF fees if payment could not be processed or if payment was declined
  • Alternate parking arrangements and charges if parking space is not found
  • Contacting Municipal Enforcement Services when a permit is lost or stolen
  • Paying a permit replacement fee for any lost or stolen permit
  • Locking their vehicle when parked
  • Ensuring the vehicle is not parked contrary to other parking regulations, signed or unsigned

Terms specific to this permit

Further to the terms and conditions identified for all permits, the permit holder is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the permit is clearly on display when the vehicle is parked, either on the dashboard or hanging from the rear view mirror
  • Paying monthly permit fees and charges, until the permit is cancelled
  • Providing 30 days written notice of cancellation
  • Acknowledging that cancellations will only occur at the end of a month, no cancellations for part months
  • A minimum 3 months of paid parking
  • Ensuring that the vehicle is not parked overnight at the permit location