Transportation Master Plan

A blueprint for future transportation improvements in Oakville with an emphasis on building a more walkable, cyclable and transit-friendly community.

A Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a document that creates a long-term vision for a community. A TMP provides recommendations for guidelines, policies, programs and infrastructure improvements.

Oakville’s 2018 TMP looks at all modes of transportation including public transit, walking, cycling and ride-sharing along with strategic roadway improvements to ensure the safe, convenient and efficient movement of people and goods.

Updates underway in 2024

The town is undertaking a new study which will serve as an update to the 2018 Transportation Master Plan and 2017 Active Transportation Master Plan. The process will use the Urban Mobility and Transportation Study as lens to develop a new plan to accommodate growth to 2051. The TMP will be completed at the end of 2024 and shared with the public in early 2025.

The updated TMP will focus on building walkable, cycle/transit friendly neighbourhoods integrated with accessible transportation choices for all residents. The TMP will recommend a comprehensive, updated set of guidelines to enhance the town’s transportation system to address the needs of all stakeholders and establish a path forward for all modes of transportation to support Oakville’s vision to be a vibrant and livable community for all.

Study timeline

Review Policy framework and study context.

Discover needs and opportunities.

Imagine system solutions for transportation in Oakville.

Reveal draft and final plan.

Expected outcomes

  • Identify short-, medium-, and long-term action items for transportation infrastructure (e.g., roads, sidewalks, bike lanes etc.)
  • Recommend implementation plans for the town’s transportation system 
  • Solutions will be guided by an integrated and collaborative consultation and engagement approach
  • Over the next 30 years, the town’s population is projected to grow from approximately 214,000 people in 2021 to 444,000 people in 2051. 
  • Youth and seniors ride Oakville Transit for free
  • Oakville displays real-time parking availability
  • Over 400,000 daily trips are generated by the town, of which 58 per cent stay within Oakville. The transit mode share was approximately 8.3 per cent (including school bus trips) in 2016. Oakville’s sustainable mode share target for transit is 12 per cent (Source: Oakville’s Urban Mobility & Transportation Strategy, 2021).