Lakeshore Road West Design and Reconstruction Project

We’re improving Lakeshore Road West between Mississaga Street and Dorval Drive.  

Project overview

Lakeshore Road plays a key role in the town’s overall transportation network. Initiated from the Lakeshore Road West Environmental Study (EA), which assessed the current and future traffic needs along Lakeshore Road West, this multi-year project will upgrade infrastructure, improve traffic, beautify streets, and improve pedestrian/cycleways on Lakeshore Road West between Mississaga Street and Dorval Drive.

Project area map

Public engagement opportunities

Get involved in this project by sharing your input on the design criteria and elements that should be included to enhance this section of Lakeshore Road West.  

As the design process moves forward, we’d like to hear from you about the different design options.

How you can participate

A variety of engagement opportunities will take place over the course of the project to share information and gather feedback including both in-person and virtual engagement events, online surveys, and direct emails from the project team.

Engagement strategy

The engagement strategy mirrors the design process. The design will both inform and be informed by public engagement. There are five rounds of engagement planned. 

Each round will offer different ways to participate, share feedback and raise community awareness. We will evaluate success within each round and look at opportunities for continuous improvement.

The goal of the first round of engagement opportunities is to: 

  • Provide introductory information about the project including background, design process and engagement opportunities.
  • Understand stakeholder interests and areas of concern.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify existing corridor characteristics, context and constraints.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to define the design considerations and review the recognized design criteria (e.g., current standards and guidelines, best practices, etc.).
  • Involve stakeholders in establishing the evaluation criteria that will assist in the comparison of multiple preliminary design options, to be developed in early 2024.

The first round of engagement opportunities include:

  • An introductory in-person event that may include an informational presentation, an open question forum or panel discussion and an interactive component.
  • Mid-phase engagement will offer:
    • one-on-one meetings with stakeholders and interest groups, 
    • targeted outreach to underrepresented groups, and 
    • on-demand participation opportunities such as an online survey. 
  • A virtual event to end the round will share the outcomes of the public engagements and identify next steps.
  • Involve and collaborate with the public in developing multiple design options for Lakeshore Road West. 
  • Design options may depict different ways to balance priorities and ways of achieving the town’s objectives for Lakeshore Road West. 
  • The public will have an opportunity to provide input to and then comment on the design options at different stages in the second round. 
  • The preferred options will be selected to move on to the next stage of design.

Involve the public in developing further detailing around the preferred design options selected from the second round. 

The preferred option will be selected to move on the next stage of design.

The preferred design option, selected in the third round, will be presented to the public for feedback. Public input will be considered as the final design is produced.

Information about construction phasing and traffic management will also be shared.

The final design will be presented to the public. The final design will represent the best balance of all factors based on public input received during engagement rounds one through four.  

Project timeline

  • Detailed design development and public consultation throughout 2023-2025
  • Design completion in 2025
  • Construction Phase I (Dorval Road to Fourth Line) in 2026
  • Construction Phase II (Fourth Line to Third Line) in 2028
  • Construction Phase III (Third Line to Mississaga Street) in 2030

Work underway

Selected trees were previously assessed and inventoried by a certified arborist during the Lakeshore Road West Improvements Class Environmental Assessment Study.  

The town will be building on that work to complete a comprehensive assessment and inventory of all trees within the road right-of-way in fall 2023.

The town will be preparing comprehensive mapping of utilities within the right-of-way in fall 2023. 

You may notice paint or other markers on the roadway, on sidewalks and in the boulevard.

Survey crews will be out field verifying previous engineering survey work and the base plan. 

You may notice field crews working throughout the Lakeshore Road West right-of-way in fall 2023. 


  • No decisions have been made and there is no pre-determined outcome – options will be informed by those willing to participate in an informed and solutions-focused dialogue.
  • Lakeshore Road is a town-wide resource, and this project is about providing options for all who travel to and along this route.
  • There will be no increase in the number of through lanes along Lakeshore Road.
  • The project will be looking at facilitating movement on all travel modes — helping the town to shift from a conventional transportation network to a more balanced, healthier mobility system that encourages active living.
  • Your voice matters and we want to hear it — you have an important opportunity to participate constructively and to share your views, ideas and lived experiences.

In addition to the Lakeshore Road West Environmental Assessment study, other studies will contribute to the detailed design. Some of these include:  

We want to hear from you!

To join the project contact list or for more information, please email the project team at