Scenic Corridors Study

A study to evaluate roadway and streetscape elements that contribute to the scenic value of certain areas.

The Scenic Corridors Study is now complete. 

A staff report summarizing the findings of the Study was presented at the March 9, 2020 Planning and Development Council meeting.

The purpose of the Scenic Corridors Study was to further examine corridors to identify and evaluate the roadway and streetscape elements that contribute to their scenic value. The study will look only at the public right-of-way (roads, sidewalks, town trees, greenspace), and does not include private property.

The result of the study may be updates to existing policies and/or urban design decisions and the findings will be used o support the Lakeshore Road West Class EA and road improvements process.

What is a scenic corridor?

The Livable Oakville Plan includes the following definition: "Scenic Corridor means a thoroughfare containing roads and associated features that are recognized for their scenic value and for their related natural and cultural heritage features."

Section 3.14 of the Livable Oakville Plan, as approved by OPA 15 states that "Scenic Corridors are recognized for their scenic value and for their natural and cultural heritage features. These important features need to be maintained or restored since they add value and contribute to the town’s character."


In September 2017, as part of the town-wide Official Plan Review, Council adopted a new Urban Structure (OPA 15) which identifies Lakeshore Road and Trafalgar Road, between Cornwall Road to Lakeshore Road, as scenic corridors.

At the August 6, 2019, Planning and Development Council meeting, the Lakeshore Road West Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Update staff report, recommended that staff be directed to complete a Scenic Corridors Study.


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